Have you been a customer of SiteMax's since the early days? We've gone through a number of changes in which we've rebuilt the app that really allows us to scale both as a company but also to allow the app itself to perform more efficiently and effectively and easily add and manage features.  

Major changes:

  • Managing permissions made easier 

  • Action Plan feature no longer supported

What can you expect:

  • All project data remains intact. 

  • Pricing remains the same until 2021

  • User login as normal 

  • As this is a significant system change, we recommend putting aside time (depending on the number of users) to revise permissions. A file would be built and share with you to review.


1.  Access to Analytics: 

Track your forms daily and overtime to see who failed to answer and increase your completion rate. See what forms are completed, missed, delayed, and compliance in percent with weekly, monthly, or custom date range views. 

2.  Access to new features: 

With SiteMax’s feature set growing, our old code base will no longer support new features like drawing, RFI, and scheduling.

3. Project structure

You can now create an organizational project structure based on user titles. What this means is that you can build out a structure on how you run your projects… if you run projects with just a Foreman, Field workers, CSO… you can do so. In the new version of SiteMax, you'll find an option for "Titles and Project structure" under company settings that make it easy and convenient to set up new projects.

4. Permissions:

Currently, in the old system, permissions are set per title. For example on Site Supers, Field Workers etc.

In the new system, we have 4 types of roles which permissions are managed through; 

  • Admin 

  • Manager 

  • Collaborator

  • Entity Only

Here you can choose what a user can view / edit / create on each project feature but also on each form. You can also create custom permission templates to apply to new users through the "Crew" functionality.

Furthermore, users can have multiple titles... for example, Site Super on one project but a CSO on another but have the same permissions on each project.  Here’s a doc outlining our new roles and permissions

5. How and when:

If you are not in contact with the Customer Success team yet you can either wait, as we will be contacting everyone by the end of the year, or reach out to us through the app.

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