Build your custom forms and collect all the information you need from your workers. Use the form builder to customize each and every aspect of your form.

Creating a New Custom Form

Go to Company Settings

Select the "Modules" tab and click on the Create Custom Form button.

To change the title of the form, click on the title or the edit icon. On the left-hand side, there are components that you can drag and drop to build your form. Some of the components include:

  • Title

  • Subtitle

  • Text

  • Link

  • Input

  • Text area

  • Time

  • Number input

  • Date

  • Check box

  • Multiple choice

  • Yes/No

  • Select

  • Signature

  • Photo Upload

  • PDF Upload

  • Weather

  • Group

  • Column

  • Spacer

  • Submit

  • Tasks

  • Image

  • Assessment

To edit, copy, or delete the component, hover the cursor over the component.

Click edit to rename components or change functionality.

Use Copy to duplicate component values.

Delete components by clicking the Trash icon.

When the custom form has been created, use the buttons along the top to review Mobile, Tablet, and Browser orientations of the input form. Click PDF to review the output of the custom report when it is exported.

Quick Tricks and Tips

Here are some useful tricks and tips to make your form more organized and functional.

Add columns within columns

Drag and drop a column within another column to layout up to 4 fields per line.

Adding and editing a Group Block

Set a group block as a Repeatable List. All component fields within the group block can be repeated when users are filling out the form in the field.

Add a Submit button

Put a Submit button in your form to perform functions (Save, Save & Lock, Save & Email, Save, Lock & Email)

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