Create a custom form

- In company Settings,

- Tab over to Modules and click Create Custom Form.

- Click and drag from the Components pallet

- Hover the cursor over components to Edit, Copy and Trash the components.

- Click Edit to rename components or change functionality.

- Use Copy to duplicate component values.

- Delete components by clicking the Trash icon

- When the custom form Edit is complete, use the buttons along the top to review Mobile, Tablet and Browser orientations of the input form.

- Click PDF to review the output of the custom report.

Quick Tricks:

Add columns within columns

Drag and drop a column within another column to layout up to 4 fields per line.

Adding and editing a Group Block

- Set a group block as a Repeatable List. All component fields within the group block can be repeated when users are filling out the form in the field.

Advanced functions:

Set up Automatic Labelling

-Click on the Form Settings of the custom form and select Enable labelling

-Insert an Input component and click the edit button. Copy the Data ID or create your own.

-Go back to the form settings and type in the data ID of the Input component you want as the label. Don't forget to enclose the data ID in curly brackets.

-Additionally, you can set the Submit button to apply your custom label. Just click on the edit button to modify its appearance and actions.

Set up email distribution for every time a form is filled out

Click on the Envelope icon and add email addresses or project team titles. Edit the subject and body of the email to give your team context.

- Continue with Admin Setup - Settings - Cost Codes

- Go back to Admin Setup - Settings - Forms

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