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Timecard - Adding & Editing Time (Mobile)
Timecard - Adding & Editing Time (Mobile)
Add, Edit Time from Mobile - Manager Permissions
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- Add Time from Home on mobile.

- Click Time to start a time entry

- Pick a Date, Time, Project and click the checkbox beside your name.

- Then click Start to begin recording time.

- Once checked-in, view check-in status on the top of the bottom navigation bar.

- In the check-in status modal review time and click Stop to check-out.

- In the Time Entry Edit modal, edit entry or split time.

- Edit Split Entries or Delete Split Entries.

- When Editing a Time Entry be sure to fill all fields required by administration, then click Save or Cancel.

- Review your own timecard by clicking into the feature bar from Home, then click Time Centre.

- This will lead into the Project Timecards.

- Alternatively, Review Time by clicking into the Project, opening the side bar and clicking into Project Timecards.

- Toggle using the arrows above the timecards to Pick a Pay Period.

- Once in Project Timecards click into a Timecard to Edit entries by Pay Period

- Click on any Date to open the Timecard Entries for that day.

- Add Time from Project on mobile.

- Click Time to open the Time Entry Menu

Time Entry Options:

Multiple Check-In

- Allows a user to mark their Check-In and Check-Out times

Manual Time Entry

- Allows a user to create a time entry without specifying start-time and end-time.

Complete Check-In/Out

- Allows a user to create a time entry that specifies start-time and end-time.

Equipment Time

- Allows a user to create a time entry for equipment.

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