- Using the (+) Add shortcut on a project...

- There are 2 ways to record time against a "Lunch" code:

Check-In (Multiple Check-In)

- When finishing up a (check-in) timecard for the day, use the Split Time option below the timecard entry.

- Enter the new Split Duration.

- Select the custom Lunch Code.

- Review Time Entry(ies) and Save.

Manual Lunch Entry

- Using the (+) Add shortcut on a project... Click Manual Time Entry.

- Edit the Lunch Duration and Select Lunch Code.

- Using the Feature Menu on a project, click into Timecards.

- Enter Lunch Codes for multiple timecard users.

Multiple Lunch Entries

- In Timecards click the menu (3 dots) to see options for multiple timecards.

- Click Multiple Time Entries

- Select Users to Add Time.

- Add individual time entries or add multiple time entries to all users selected.

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