1.12.2021 - 31.12.2021

Hi SiteMax World,

We hope you have enjoyed your holidays with your friends and family!

📣 New Features

  • Tasks - Notifications on web are now clickable. Click on the notification to see the associated task.

  • RFI, Task, Punch Lists - See a thumbnail of the drawing associated with the item.

  • New Time - Reports will have a header when exported as PDF.

  • Materials - Now available on mobile! Access the materials module on the SiteMax app.

🚀 Improvements

  • Tasks - Tasks on web will now show completed tasks and tasks to be completed. Use the "Completed" column to rearrange the list.

  • Tasks - Mobile. Task descriptions will now be wrapped.

  • New Time - When adding time on web, admins can add multiple users to the user field.

  • New Time - Custom fields can be ordered by using drag and drop. Go to actions and reorder to set the order.

  • New Time - "All" function added to reports and custom fields so users can add multiple at once.

  • Drawings - The mark-up tool has been renamed from markers to pins.

  • Punch List - Exports to include more fields.

  • Notice Board - Now includes full text, documents, and files.

  • Change Orders - Mobile. Status reflected by colour.

  • Purchase Orders - Cancleld POs are excluded from the total when the workflow is set to approval.

🛠️ Fixes

  • New Time - Reports formatting and filters errors. Fixed.

  • Drawings - Unable to sync drawings on mobile. Fixed.

  • Photos - Deleted mark-ups saving issues. Fixed.

  • Scheduler - Email notifications not being sent. Fixed.

1.11.2021 - 30.11.2021

Hi SiteMax World,

This month, we launched the submittals module with the beta tag. Our submittals module works with your specifications to easily communicate with your vendors, reviewers and approvers.

Interested in learning more about submittals? Check out our help centre articles or chat with us to learn more.

“It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; it’s the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time.” – Adrienne Clarkson.

📣 New Features

  • Form Builder - Forms can be versioned and cloned by using duplicate and revise function in an existing form.

  • Integrations - Quick Books Online for new time is available.

  • Materials - Bulk delete company level materials.

  • New Time Centre - Automatically split time entries that span over midnight.

  • New Time Centre - Allow time entries in the future.

  • New Time Centre - Mobile. Move equipment from different projects when entering new time entries.

  • Notice Board - Link SiteMax documents to the notice board.

  • Project Settings - Upload and manage project specifications.

  • Project Settings - Add and edit project specifications.

  • Submittals - New module launched with beta tag. The submittal module includes creating a submittal, managing the workflow, closing and distributing responses. For more information, check out the help centre articles.

  • Scheduler - Automatic assignment and scheduling when creating appointments from web and mobile.

  • Submittals - Mobile. View only.

🚀 Improvements

  • Change Orders - Change colour for each status, similar to punch list.

  • Equipment - More search filters added.

  • Forms - Mobile. Search bar added.

  • Hidden Forms - Move hidden forms to the bottom of the list.

  • Materials - Export includes tags.

  • New Time Centre - Project and user can be edited in time entries.

  • New Time Centre - Display custom fields in the time table.

  • New Time Centre - Table configuration.

  • New Time Centre - New time card ordering.

  • New Time Centre - Export reports as PDF.

  • New Time Centre - Ability to delete custom fields.

  • New Time Centre - Clone custom fields on splitting user and tool.

  • Old Time Centre - Export customization.

  • Punch List - When generating reports, add a cover page or a table of contents.

  • Punch List - Pop-up actions updated.

🛠️ Fixes

  • Company Reports - Export CSV issues. Fixed.

  • Company Settings - Export project data issues. Fixed.

  • Dashboard - Total projects number not updating. Fixed.

  • Day View - Content not displayed. Fixed.

  • Drawings - Unit of measurement issues. Fixed.

  • Drawings - Taking a long time to sync. Fixed.

  • Forms - QR code issues. Fixed.

  • New Time Centre - Table configuration and sort function not working as intended. Fixed.

  • New Time Centre - The names of users with 2+ names are truncated in reports. Fixed.

  • New Time Centre - UI update. Replace the sort icon. Fixed.

  • New Time Centre - Mobile. UI update. Consistent wording. Fixed.

  • Project Settings - Multiple notifications sent on user assignment. Fixed.

  • Purchase Order - Error message not triggered when no items are selected for export. Fixed.

  • Project Dayview - The number of users displays error. Fixed.

  • Purchase Order - Total calculation issues. Fixed.

  • Purchase Order - Export history issues. Fixed.

  • Purchase Order - PO numbers split into separate columns when exported. Fixed.

  • RFI - The attachment link has an error. Fixed.

1.10.2021 - 31.10.2021

Hi SiteMax World,

October came and went so fast. We are definitely feeling grateful for all your support and love thus far during this Canadian Thanksgiving season. We hope you are enjoying the last weekend of the spooky season. 👻

Oh, did I mention? We have a new website! Check out our website here. We are adding more help centre articles in the next couple of weeks regarding the New Time centre and Purchase Orders.

“Each of us is carving a stone, erecting a column, or cutting a piece of stained glass in the construction of something much bigger than ourselves.” – Adrienne Clarkson.

📣 New Features

  • Company Reports - List of all your forms that can be exported as CSV.

  • Equipment - Purchase Order can be referenced under equipment maintenance.

  • Equipment - Equipment time can be easily added without a user.

  • Forms and Form Builder - Added collapsable group block functions. Cloning reports function added.

  • Materials - Quantity fields added and material usages are reflected on both the company and project level.

  • Materials - Search bar added to find materials using text.

  • New Time - Payable, billable, and overhead items can have a monetary value rate instead of a coefficient.

  • New Time - Materials included in time entries and reporting to track usage.

🚀 Improvements

  • Change Order - Export PDF UI updated.

  • Company Settings - Time Module Settings UI updated. “Pay period settings” has been moved can be found under “time settings” and “company info” tabs.

  • Drawings - Mark up tool has been renamed from markers → pins.

  • Equipment - Mobile. Move Equipment shortcut added to (+) Add button.

  • Equipment - Export selected option added.

  • Forms and Form Builder - Add requirements conditions for radio/photos/comments.

  • Forms and Form Builder - Ability to show or hide “assigned/created/modified date”.

  • Forms and Form Builder - Ability to show weather information in degrees F or degrees C.

  • Materials - More filters added.

  • New Time - Delete templates.

  • New Time - Define rules for all time types.

  • New Time - Added new data points for payable and billable hourly rates.

  • New Time - Time classification can be deleted.

  • New Time - Allow unique cost codes when setting up payable, billable, overhead rules.

  • New Time - Reports formatting updated.

  • New Time - Manual time entries will default to start at the current time upon creation.

  • New Time - Mobile. When checking in, the user’s name will be located at the top of the list to reduce scrolling and searching, followed by users who are currently checked-in then in alphabetical order.

  • New Time - Timecards loading time improved.

  • Old Time - Export PDF UI updated.

  • Purchase Orders - Export table changes.

  • Purchase Orders - Ability to make cost codes mandatory depending on approval/manual workflow.

  • Purchase Orders - Added new fields, cost-code mandatory, equipment, and customized terms.

  • Punch List - Notification sent to Assignee.

  • Records - Set the reminder date and time.

  • RFI - Export function updated.

  • Settings - Added a 50 km geo-fence radius option.

  • Team - UI update for Crews for better user experience. Added Crew header column with table settings.

🛠️ Fixes

  • Contacts - Permissions updated.

  • Company Reports - Scrolling option added to filters.

  • Team - Scrolling option added to filters.

  • Change Order - Mobile. Unable to view changes. Fixed.

  • Change Order - Expanded text area.

  • Documents - Sharing error. Fixed.

  • Equipment - Inactive projects hidden.

  • Form - Mobile. Signature input error. Fixed.

  • Form - Permissions updated.

  • Form Builder - Input date error. Fixed.

  • New Time - Auto lunch deduction error. Fixed.

  • New Time - Permissions. Fixed.

  • New Time - Check-in conflict and update check-out fields. Fixed.

  • New Time - Check-in and check-out location update. Fixed.

  • Photo - Markup tool error. Fixed.

  • Punch List - Export priority only. Fixed.

  • Purchase Order - QBO synced icon missing. Fixed.

  • Purchase Order - PDF alignment issue. Fixed.

  • Purchase Order - Updated notification wording. Fixed.

  • Purchase Order - PDF export does not include cost code. Fixed.

  • Purchase Order - Default cost code error. Fixed.

  • RFI ​​- Mobile. Submission error. Fixed.

  • Settings - Cost code cannot be removed from a group. Fixed.

  • Task - Notification update. Fixed.

  • Task - View-only user permissions. Fixed.

  • Web - Password reset. Fixed.

17.07.2021 - 30.09.2021

Hi SiteMax World,

Long time no see! This update is going to be a long one, including 2.5 months’ worth of new features, updates, and improvements. Let’s get to it.

“It is not the beauty of the building you should look at: it’s the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time.” – David Allan Coe

📣 New Features

  • Change Orders - Cancelled change orders can now be reopened with a new suffix

  • Form Builder - Can make a copy from an existing form

  • Purchase Orders - New fields added: “Referenced RFI” (from SiteMax) and “Referenced SI/RFI” (external)

  • Purchase Orders - Ability to customize your PO screen or PDF by choosing included fields

  • Purchase Orders - More and better export at the project and company level

  • New Time - Can add time entry manually and location shown on a map with geo-fence

  • New Time - New UI functionalities added

  • New Time - Equipment added to reports

  • Mobile - Reset password

🚀 Improvements

  • Company Reports - New filters added

  • Equipment - Ability to mark equipment as “Rental”

  • Equipment - Added work type, rental date, and classification

  • Photos - “Load More” button added and can be filtered by date

  • Purchase Orders - Removed pick-up date, vendor name included when a PO is exported, added autocomplete for equipment

  • Records - UI updates regarding table view

  • Tasks - Added “Created By” field to task and table view

  • New Time - Always shows the latest time entry at the top and check-in information is ordered in reverse-chronological order based on the date

  • New Time - Different permissions for creating equipment timecards

  • New Time - New column showing employee classification when exported as CSV

  • New Time - Updated wordings in time entry and settings

  • New Time - Allow multiple entries and inputs to change cost-code, work-type, notes, custom fields

  • New Time - Updated permissions

  • New Time - Allow equipment time entry

  • New Time - Report template adjusted with more columns

  • New Time - Allow more time format and more sorting options for reports

  • New Time - UI updates regarding time settings, configuration, reports, timecards view

  • Mobile - Dayview optimized

🛠️ Fixes

  • New Time Centre - Issue with filters. Resolved.

  • New Time - Export does not include time type. Resolved.

  • New Time - Sage 50 CSV Export Customization. Resolved.

  • New Time - Classification error. Resolved.

  • New Time - The displayed number of users selected does not correspond with the actual number of users selected. Resolved.

  • New Time - Deduct function time miscalculation. Resolved.

  • App Tour - Glitches. Resolved.

  • Scheduler - Error message on “People” tab. Resolved.

  • Scheduler - Notifications sent twice. Resolved.

  • Punch List - Clean up page break in the report. Resolved.

  • Purchase Orders - Selected POs do not show on the export count in actions. Resolved.

  • Purchase Orders - Missing Cost Codes. Resolved.

  • Purchase Orders - Exported PO shows different totals off by $0.01. Resolved.

  • Map - Project view wording changes. Resolved.

  • Tools - Missing filters. Resolved.

  • Drawings - Attachment loading error. Resolved.

  • Drawings - The markup tool disappears when hovered over. Resolved.

  • QR Codes - Loading issues. Resolved.

  • Project Forms - Unable to export forms. Resolved.

  • Contacts - Search via phone number disabled. Resolved.

  • Mobile - Unable to create a new tag from punch item. Resolved

  • Project Settings - UI fixes to the progress bar. Resolved.

05.07.2021 - 16.07.2021

Hi SiteMax world! Everyone should be getting excited for some amazing Timecards & Timecentre UI Redesigns, they are looking GREAT so far.

Coming soon!

While our team is busy working on the final tweaks and last rounds of QA/QC, we have released a small set of changes, improvements and fixes to the system.

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself."

- Henry Ford 🚙 🛠


  • Change Orders - Updated styles on PDF.

  • Day View - Mass-update information for "Label" and "Assigned to" of forms in DayView.


  • Drawings - UI updates - Time Settings. Cost types, payroll scheduler, required fields, check in/out adjustments. Auto check-in.

  • Change Orders - PDF Style updates

  • Day View - Endpoint speeds increased.

  • Contacts - Sort table by 'company' column.

  • Table Styles - Default filter added.

  • Timecards - Order Checkin info. Reverse chronological order for same-day check-ins.


  • Mobile. Timecards. Missing cost code for check-in conflict screen. Resolved.

  • RFIs. Error message. Resolved.

  • Day View. Table doesn't match SMX styles. Resolved.

  • External Portal. Change Order - Close button missing. Resolved.

  • Documents. Doc files are not downloading. Resolved.

  • Cost Codes. Default cost codes interfering with selected project cost codes on forms. Resolved.

  • Timecards. Payroll date endpoints. Resolved.

21.06.2021 - 02.07.2021

Hi SiteMax world!

This week our team tackled improvements. The development squad has been beefing-up some of our most key features in an attempt to smoothen usage. We continue to walk the road of improvements because...

"Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection."

- Mark Twain📚 🛠


  • Timecentre - Order checkin info chronologically.

  • Timecentre - Show comments to Admin users.

  • Timecards - Identify manual adjustments at check-in/check-out.

  • Timecards - Display users with time regardless of job assignment.

  • Drawings - Add support for external links.

  • Drawings - Added support for external link.

  • Photos - Change from 3 to 12 month expiration.

  • Notice Board - Added frequency per day to Site/Safety Notice.

  • Integrations - Push time to QB from Time Centre.

  • Change Orders - Added wording to "Total" row at bottom of PDF template.

  • Equipment - Added export all options to table.


  • Custom Form Builder. Problems with group block - avoid page break. Resolved.

  • RFIs. Responses via email not recording in UI. Resolved.

  • Change Orders. Responses via email not recording in UI. Resolved.

  • Company Reports. Hide company reports unless company reports exist. Resolved.

  • Drawings. Drawing tool acting-up. Resolved.

  • Materials. Tags not present in "tags" column. Resolved.

  • Settings-Timecards. Unable to change pay period settings. Resolved.

  • Equipment-Records. Equipment record error. Resolved.

  • Site Reports. Problem with refresh form values. Resolved.

  • Cost Codes. Unique cost codes not showing as unique. Resolved.

  • Equipment. Attachments in mobile not on web.

  • Dayview. Load time issues. Resolved.

  • Project Settings. Blank screen from "View cost codes" button. Resolved.

  • Messages. Text input not visible. Resolved.

07.06.2021 - 18.06.2021

Hi SiteMax world!

This week we have some exciting updates on Improvements and Fixes. We are tackling bug fixes that have resulted from some new feature releases. As we march on, we continue to develop at an unparalleled rate.

"We shape our buildings: Thereafter, they shape us."

- Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill 🇬🇧 🛠


  • Drawings - OCR functions now scan drawing references, section pins.

  • Materials - Enable Material Tracking for all customers.

  • Materials - Include "Units" subtitle when selecting materials.

  • Materials - Include filters for cost codes and tags.

  • Company Reports - Company PO export functionality added to company reports.


  • Drawings - Added functionality for deletion of incomplete drawings publish logs.

  • Integrations - Create Vendors in SiteMax from QBO.

  • Integrations - Don't create Vendor in QBO from SiteMax.

  • Equipment - Export current table based on filters set.

  • Contacts - Import/Export. Added columns to support first name, last name.

  • Site Reports - Expand photos to view in forms.

  • Company Reports - Filter & Sorting Updates.

  • Company Reports - Add Filters "Created By" and "Assigned To". Include "Advanced Filters".

  • Timecentre - Timecards without values are being included in the PDF export. Resolved.

  • Notice Board - Added functionality to allow for completion of multiple forms in one day (per notice).


  • Notice Board. User titles don't fit in field. Resolved.

  • Documents. Folders not sorting correctly. Resolved.

  • Import/Export. Issues with exporting from company settings. Resolved.

  • Company Reports. Add Form function disconnected from company level forms. Resolved.

  • Form Builder. Issue with repeaters and avoid-page-break. Resolved.

  • Timecards. Incorrect project check-in from check-in preview. Resolved.

  • Mobile. Timecards. User shown as checked-in on all projects. Resolved.

  • Time Tracking CSV. Updates to Summary Export. Issues Resolved.

  • Mobile. Focus on fields shifting with keyboard. Resolved.

  • Settings. Blank screen in PO tab. Resolved.

  • Settings. System freeze after pay period settings updated. Resolved.

  • Project Settings. Blocked users remain as project manager. Resolved.

  • Drawings. Markup/Text Edit issues. Resolved.

  • Drawings. Markup/Calibration Tool issues. Resolved.

  • Purchase Orders. POs not pushing to QBO. Resolved.

  • Purchase Orders. Exporting Issues. Resolved.

  • Purchase Orders. Include user email in PO send-out. Resolved.

  • Change Orders. Units column populating a dollar sign. Removed and Resolved.

24.05.2021 - 04.06.2021

Hi SiteMax world! This week we have some exciting new releases. Not as many fixes or improvements, but hey...

"The road to success is always under construction."

- Lily Tomlin👷‍♀️ 🛠


  • Timecentre/Settings - Custom Pay Periods! Set your own start/end date, frequency.

  • Equipment - Company Level Equipment Map. Click into any project on the map, to click into that project's tool profile(s).


  • Team - Assign (users) to all projects.

  • Drawings - Vertical OCR scanning capabilities.

  • Change Orders - Added "Linear Metres" and "Square Metres" in Units drop-down.


  • Purchase Orders - Unable to add date from scanned form QR. Resolved.

  • Drawings - Export PDF - Unexpected Error Message. Resolved.

  • Team - Unselecting users after clicking "select all". Resolved.

10.05.2021 - 21.05.2021

Hi SiteMax world! We're always eager to bring you 2 weeks worth of NEW goodies.

That being said, we get just as excited to deliver some necessary updates and improvements to our current set of fantastic features.

"Failure is an option here. If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough."

- Elon Musk 🚀 🌕


  • Settings - Added toggle for Metric/Imperial. 🇺🇸

  • Team - Add multiple users to multiple projects.


  • Punch Lists - Photo maximum increased. Additional photos visible in PDF link.

  • Project Settings - UI Enhancements.

  • Timecards - Loading Screen UI Enhancements.

  • Permissions - On Day View, limit visibility of check-ins to users with "Manage" Timecards permissions.

  • Drawings - Addition of Metric measurements.

  • RFIs - Re-open cancelled RFI

  • RFIs - Custom email subject line. Display default blocks if nothing selected.

  • Change Orders - Display updated CO/PCO PDF information on save.

  • Project Settings - Add users to multiple projects.

  • Mobile. Contacts - Split first, Last name for contacts.

  • Mobile. Drawings - Addition of Metric measurements.


  • Form QR Codes - Unable to add date from scanned form QR. Resolved.

  • Punch Lists - Formatting Issue. Resolved.

  • Drawings - Punch List Visibility by plan. Resolved.

  • Drawings - Export Issues. Resolved.

  • Timecards - PDF Export Issues. Resolved.

  • Permissions - Form-based permission issue. Resolved.

  • Project Notices - Copy Project Notice issue. Resolved.

  • Mobile. Drawings - Rename back to Default Folder. Resolved.

  • Mobile. Equipment - Issue with adding a service item. Resolved.

  • Forms - Site Instruction Form Migration. Resolved.

  • RFI - Screen loading empty. Resolved.

  • Forms - Updates to readonly for radio-cell(s).

26.04.2021 - 07.05.2021

Hi SiteMax world! Tonnes of work has been dedicated to improvements and fixes over the last 2 weeks.

Exciting new features and product refinement is also on the horizon! 🌅

"There's always room for improvement."

- Lamar Jackson 🏈



  • Equipment - Added Equipment "Unit" (UOM) field.

  • Mobile. Drawings - Renamed default folder. Updated versioning and automatic issue date assignment.

  • Drawings - Drawing Enhancements.

  • Drawings - Section number pins automatically add links to other drawing sections on upload.

  • Drawings - Manual numbering and navigation.

  • Drawings - Allow drawing to use metric measurement.

  • Drawings - Updated drawing folders.

  • Drawings - Pins link on published drawings.

  • Drawings - Edit tags and version dates across multiple drawings.

  • Drawings - Added combined PDF export.

  • Drawings - Attaching photos - select from camera or project photo library.

  • Reports - Add PO selection option to forms on request.

  • POs - Include up to 4 decimal points on price.

  • POs - Approval Workflow, filters changed, updated PO actions and PDF visuals. Settings and behaviour updates


  • Photos - Set date range prior to share. Resolved.

  • Drawings - Task date hidden by modal window. Resolved.

  • Drawings - Issue with "Remove Character". Resolved.

  • Drawings - Issue with pins in same location. Resolved.

  • Drawings - Time sorting on documents with same upload. Resolved.

  • Settings - Export error. Resolved.

  • Settings - Character deletion issue. Resolved.

  • Scheduler - General settings issue. Resolved.

  • POs - Quantity received not showing on PDF. Resolved.

  • Form Settings - Compliance date range issues. Resolved.

12.04.2021 - 23.04.2021

🐉 SiteMax never stops slaying bug fixes and issue resolutions.⚔ The Support team have the weapons to fight alongside our customers and development, resulting in many quick wins over these past weeks.

🏍 We're racing towards the finish line of some very exciting feature updates.⏱ Check-back in no time and we will be revealing updates and refactoring done to some of our most key features.

🔍 Our QA team persistently inspects the current system.💡 Alongside our customers, we continue to funnel industry feedback directly to the brains of SiteMax.🧠


  • Drawings Updates: Learn more!

  • Project Contacts - Added email-to project contacts features.

  • Mobile. Projects - Added Project Tags

  • Timecards - Added "move" function for project time. Change the associated project of a timecard entry.


  • Table Styles - Maintain selections across multiple paginations - all tables.

  • Timecards - Included description column on Time Tracking CSV export.

  • Purchase Orders - UI Changes.

  • Purchase Orders - Approver receives email when PO is submitted.

  • Drawings - Added sorting by number index.

  • Mobile. Records - Added filter function to team records on mobile.

  • Mobile. Equipment - Allow units to accept custom values.


  • Change Orders - Separate email threads per CO number. Resolved.

  • Change Orders - Line breaks collating in PDF. Resolved

  • RFIs - Updates reflecting on PDF. Resolved.

  • Equipment - Tool Location issue. Resolved.

  • Timecards - Check in/out time for previous day. Resolved.

  • Timecards - Check-in options from project. Resolved.

  • Mobile. Drawings - Toolbar issue for iOS 12 devices. Resolved.

  • Mobile. Project Settings - Load issues. Resolved.

  • Purchase Orders - Duplicated tax line. Resolved.

  • Purchase Orders - Approval stamp missing. Resolved.

  • QR Workflow - Submit button issue. Resolved.

  • Daily Activity Report - Pictures not stacking properly. Resolved.

  • Permissions - View, Edit permissions allowing to create. Resolved.

29.03.2021 - 09.04.2021

🧱 We have been laying foundation over the last 3 weeks.🍔 The Product Development team continues to beef-up the app with added structural Improvements.

🆕 Adding New features means we need to keep a close-eye on tweaks and Fixes as they are required.🔝 We have the greatest Dev team! they are keeping on-top of any issues if they occur.

🚀 The success team continues to take our customers to space with un-matched and un-paralleled success/service/support. 🌔 Get your tickets to the adventure: SiteMax in Space


  • POs - Separate taxes per line item.

  • Projects - Project filters.

  • Equipment - Maintenance tab added to equipment page on web.

  • Mobile. Team - Shortcuts allow for easy emailing to external and internal users.

  • Timecards - Semi-monthly pay periods now available.


  • Integrations - Updated the IIF File for Quickbooks import. Resolved.

  • Daily Activity Report - Show check-ins/outs in Daily Activity Report.

  • Drawings - UI update to photo markup action bar styles.

  • Drawings - Increased upload size limit to 256mb.

  • Team (User Profile) - Alphabetically sorted titles in user profile and ordered forms in user permissions/templates.

  • Contacts - Added a "created by" column to table and export.

  • Equipment Records - Added sorting headers for Maintenance Records.

  • Mobile. Records - Added filtering options to Maintenance Records for Mobile.

  • Mobile. Equipment - Updated the Units field in equipment to accept custom values.

  • QR Workflow - Implemented email distribution feature for the QR portal.

  • POs - Refactored total calculations

  • POs - Added ability to define default PO tax items.

  • Support - Chat bubble location in system. Improved

  • Records - Date format updated. Changed to "yyyy-mm-dd".

  • Import/Export - Updates to Project Export in company Settings.

  • Photos - Added sorting logic for Date and Time.


  • Mobile. Project Settings - Load times. Resolved.

  • Mobile. IOS - Over-max decimals from IOS numpad. Resolved.

  • Mobile. POs - Tweaks, fixes, issues resolved.

  • Mobile. POs - "Complete" status gives blank screen in some scenarios. Resolved.

  • Mobile. Reports - Stretched logo on PDF. Resolved.

  • POs - Loader/Spinner not visible from Android. Resolved.

  • POs - Cost code not visible on PO PDF. Resolved.

  • Timecards - Time-zone updates. Resolved.

  • Import/Export - Stripped all spaces from email field in user import.

  • Project Settings - Project status not saving. Resolved.

  • Materials - Rounding numbers. Resolved.

  • Team. Records - Special characters causing open/load problems in IOS. Resolved.

  • RFIs - Updates don't reflect on PDF. Resolved.

  • QR Workflow - Hidden forms showing in QR section. Resolved.

  • Timecentre - Adding/deleting a timecard entry, page snaps-to bottom. Resolved.

  • Support - Unable to delete character in "report an issue" tab. Resolved.

  • Drawings - Markup not appear on printed version of Drawing PDF. Resolved.

  • Drawings - Drawing number sequence out of order. Resolved.

01.03.2021 - 19.03.2021

💪 The last few weeks have been about constant improvements. 🙏 Thank you to our customers and to the Product Development team for continually pumping-up the app.

🔧 Some minor fixes were cranked-out. 🚀 The Dev team continues to crush!

👏 Success has added a new members to the Team. 🏠 Welcome Home Stacey!


  • RFI Revisions - Make a change to a closed RFI, sequence number gets updated.

  • Approval-based PO Workflow added - In settings, select between Manual (original) and Approval PO workflow.


  • POs - Alternative billing Address

  • POs - Taxes migration

  • POs - Default Tax Line items

  • POs - Approval Workflow, filters changed, updated PO actions and PDF visuals.

  • POs - Allow prices with up to 4 decimal points.

  • RFIs - Customizable email subject line

  • Change Orders - CO Changes

  • Project Settings - Email sendout to invted users. Don't send to invitee.

  • Tasks - Added ability to customize list colour.

  • Settings - Cost Codes - Tweak to cost code export. Define company versus unique cost codes in export. Define project number for unique codes.

  • Records - Add Filters

  • Custom Form Builder - Added "required field(s)" message

  • Timecards - Equipment Time Export. Consistency between Equipment and People time duration data format in export.

  • Deficiencies - Added table header settings.

  • Company Reports - Add filter for locked reports


  • Purchase Orders - Project Team Leads - Dynamic on PDF

  • QR Workflow - Project QR Code leading to website

22.02.2021 - 26.02.2021

🚠 This week the dev team climbed another mountain of improvements. We're starting to get a glimpse from the summit! 🏔

🔧 Further tweaks are being made to our newest feature. New QR Code functions are being added to forms📋 !

🧹 Support team has cleaned up the live-chat queue. We were on🔝 of fixes and resolutions last week.


  • Report QR Codes - Scan code to access a form-specific site or safety report as an outsider to SiteMax.

  • Continued support and feedback is helping us iron out the kinks of this exciting beta feature.


  • QR Workflow - International phone numbers.

  • Forms. Email distribution - Included CC list.

  • Materials - Added ID filtering to material class

  • Mobile. Records - Move "Team Records" to "Team" page as new tab.

  • Appointments - Added "Show Details" in Add modal.

  • Mobile. Appointments - Show PM name in scheduler.

  • Mobile. Team - Add 'phone' icon beside name of users.

  • Tasks - Include "Add Appointment" button.

  • Tasks - Include project-specific, default "Appointment" task list.

  • Change Orders - Added "Paid" Status to Change Orders.


  • QR Workflow - Form QR saving to company reports. Resolved.

  • Integrations - QBO error on employee sync. Resolved.

  • Mobile. Timecards - Time between checkout and split time. Resolved.

  • Cost Codes - Exporting unique cost codes. Value of "type" field. Resolved.

  • Team - Header issues. Resolved.

15.02.2021 - 19.02.2021

Hi again, SiteMax enthusiasts! 👷

🏎 Dev Team maintained speed with improvements this week! Customers continue to provide meaningful feedback, SiteMax features just keep growing! 🌱

🍾 We are "cracking champaign across the bow" of our newest feature. Read below and follow the links to learn more about SiteMax's 🆕 QR Code functions.

🧭 As usual, our support team continues to navigate live-chat communications. 🛠 Plenty of fixes resolved this last week.


  • Mobile. Records - Find Company Records in Team (Home), one tab over from Companies.

  • Project QR Codes - QR Code Workflow. Learn more!

  • Project Notices - Copy from Existing Project Notices.

  • Settings. Cost Codes - Default Project Cost Codes.


  • Reports - Added support for email distribution from forms.

  • Mobile. Timecards - Tweak to check-in (self) permissions in timecards.

  • Materials. Added filters; Cost codes, tags.

  • Project Materials - Added 'unit' when selecting materials.

  • Contacts - Added 'created by'.

  • Timecentre - Submit, un-submit, approve, un-approve timecards by user.

  • Reports - Added 'assigned to' column in site and safety report tables.

  • Mobile. Timecards - Show project location in geo-fence map display.

  • Drawings - Added 'favourites' to drawings.

  • Mobile. Team - Added Records tab to Team on mobile.


  • Timecards - Check in/out time(s) table. Resolved.

  • Company Reports - PM name not showing. Resolved.

  • Mobile. Records - Reminder date shown in Record. Resolved.

  • IOS. Records - View PDF link. Resolved.

  • Timecentre - Undo approve all - permission error. Resolved.

08.02.2021 - 12.02.2021

Hello SiteMax world! 👷

💪 Dev Team crushed improvements this week! Meaningful customer feedback is taking SiteMax features to new heights! 🚀

😎 We're always keeping it phresh. Cool new additions will give you more reasons to use 🆕 new features in SiteMax.

🕵️‍♀️ Our support team has been on the ball 🛠 while our development team continues to complete system fixes with lightning speed.


  • Web. Materials - Track material usage per project. Log units and quantities used, export to CSV report.

  • Web. Tables - Some table header fields are now optional. Click into the table settings to hide/show optional fields. Rearrange header fields to customize any table view. Learn more...

  • Mobile. Timecards - Multiple Complete Check-in from mobile. Apply "complete check-in" timecard function to multiple users on projects assigned.


  • POs - Custom PO numbering. Enter a starting PO number for each project.

  • Project Notices - Added notification badge for total reports completed.

  • Timecentre - Admin can "Add (users) to Project", from the "Project(s)" button.

  • Timecentre - Admin are now able to un-submit all time per period, per user

  • RFI - Modal has been made "static". Now giving "close this window?" warning before closing.

  • RFI - Ability to "Cancel" RFI when it's in a "Closed" state.

  • RFI / CO - Share attached files with contact recipients through email distribution.

  • Company Reports - Filter project by multiple PMs.


  • Appointments. Incomplete time picker. Resolved.

  • Punch Lists. Order selections by alpha. Resolved.

  • Punch Lists. 404 on PDF report. Resolved.

  • RFI. Query RFI # in search. Resolved.

  • POs. Email Attachment. Resolved.

01.02.2021 - 05.02.2021

Hi SiteMaxers! 👷

🆕 New Releases are plentiful! Exciting new functionality has been added to mobile that will help increase engagement 📈 from field users.

💪 Even more improvements to look forward to, thanks again to insightful customer feedback🔬.

🛠 Some fringe problems have been quashed and as always we keep a🕵️‍♀️ watchful eye on any further fixes as they are required.


  • RFI Log Report (xlsx) - Easily filter and export a full view of the information requested, responses, status, actions and more.

  • Project Day View Counters (mobile) - Added a form counter to Day View for any completed forms associated with project notice(s). Additional user counter for any user QR scans associated with project notice(s).

  • Save & Close Forms (mobile) - We are moving towards a single "Save" button. When tapped, "Save" will give the users options if applicable: Save, Save & Close, Save & Email.

  • Project QR Code Workflow - Introduce Forms & Reports to external users by way of scanning Project QR Codes.


  • Admin users are now able to un-approve or un-submit from Timecentre.

  • Admin can "Add (users) to Project" in Timecentre, from the "Project(s)" selection.

  • Form/Reports - Email Distribution - Subject line improved.


  • Blocked users shown in messages - Resolved.

  • Mobile page scroll on project notes - Resolved.

25.01.2021 - 29.01.2021

Hello world! 👷

💪 Some improvements have been introduced this week, thanks to insightful customers feedback🔬.

The team is looking forward to a big round of 🆕 new releases next week.

🛠 Minor fixes have been implemented and we are keeping a close eye🕵️‍♀️ on future developments in those areas.


  • Unique Code Description - The team has allowed for the creation of unique codes on a project that share the same number as a code on another project.

  • Intercom chat bubble visibility on Day View.


  • Task list error on delete - Resolved.

  • QR workflow scan issue when user session active - Resolved.

  • Scheduler, Appointment missing time range - Resolved.

  • Mobile checkin view doesn't refresh after submit - Resolved.

18.01.2021 - 22.01.2021


  • (Chrome) Settings - Set "Required" form fields in custom form builder.

  • (All) Site/Safety Reports - Attach photos to forms "Add from Project Photos".

  • Search and filter all system events with the new Events Log

"https://your system.sitemax.cloud/events-log".


  • Improved Mobile Analytics

  • Improved header on photo preview modal [iOS]

  • Photo markup enhancements


  • Drawing upload error - Failed processing PDF files

11.01.2021 - 15.01.2021


  • (Chrome) Settings; Site/Safety Reports - Email Send-out Functions - Customize Forms in Settings to determine which reports get email capabilities.

  • (Mobile) Account - Option "Save to Camera Roll" save photos taken in SiteMax to device.


  • Camera renamed to Photos - Project Quick Add Modal.

  • Issue renamed to Punch Item - Project Quick Add Modal.

  • Add From Photos renamed to Add From Device Library - Anywhere found.

  • Resized Drawing modal to help user view more in one page.

  • View more relevant data in the Punch item preview from within Drawings.


  • Timecards - Cost Code Mandatory not working on mobile.

  • Photos - Issue with Video Playback in Documents (select systems).

  • Photos - Adding photos to reports - limited to 10 on IOS.

  • Settings - List export not delivering in email.

  • Timecards - Missing flags in expanded check-in table.

04.01.2021 - 08.01.2021



  • Allow “support_managers’ to “Copy Dform Types”

  • Logs

  • Field Manager Users that have “Manage” permissions for projects/projects assigned, can now add users to projects.


  • Permissions - Mobile Access

  • Duplicated time entries between 12/20/2020 and 01/02/2021


  • Added UUID to old DForm Types

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