"Which permissions do users need to fill out forms & reports without giving access to my system?"

- Initially, if a contact hasn't been created with external access, a user will need to scan a QR code to request access and be setup with very limited permissions.

From the Dashboard, click into Team. Click over from Internal to the External user tab.

- If you have created a contact with external access, an external user will automatically be created with default collaborator permissions.

- User will need to be External.

- Role would be set as Collaborator.

- Title will need to be assigned or will default to Subcontractor.

"What permissions are required for an external users to complete forms from a QR Code?"

- External users don't require Web or Mobile Access to fill out forms from a QR Code.

- Users do require Project Notices to interact with the Project QR Code.

- To fill Forms from a Project Notice, external users will need View and Edit only.


Create a Permission Template for any time you want to apply the same permission set to all external collaborators.

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