Before we get into how SiteMax is tackling a growing shift in the world of contactless information technology, please check-out some information about QR codes.

Wikipedia says:

"QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response code) is a type of matrix barcode (or two-dimensional barcode)... a machine-readable optical label that contains information about the item (website) to which it is attached."

Simply put:

Someone's phone can scan a barcode that stores a website URL and ultimately directs them (users or non-users) to Site Reports or a Tool in SiteMax.

Listen to what the industry is saying about QR codes:

The Site Visit Podcast - Return of the QR Codes.

With SiteMax's Pro plan and above you were already able to scan Equipment using the SiteMax mobile app. You now can use your camera to go directly into a form.

SiteMax Connecting QR to Site and Safety Reports

- Collaborate with external users or contacts on a project-specific site or safety reports at no additional cost

- Your guys having trouble navigating the app can now fill the right form at the right place

Project Notices and QR code workflows in SiteMax

- Now that every project has an assigned QR code, Project Notices can be created with a QR code workflow to have people on-site from within or outside your team filling forms.

- A Project notice can have one or multiple forms specifically targeted to certain titles/groups with the option to make a specific form required.

Scanning Project QR codes from Mobile

- When someone scans a project QR code, they will be led to a portal outside of SiteMax.

- From this portal, any site or safety reports attached to a project notice can be created by the external user or contact if they have the corresponding Titles assigned to that notice.

Scanning Directly into a form

- When someone scans a form QR code, through the same portal the form will be directly available and associated with an existing user or creating a new user if there is no matching phone number. The form QR is generated from and specific to each project.

Wanna get more technical? Check out our help articles on Project QR Codes.

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