Workers in the field, now don't need to be given access to your system in order to create and save reports to a project.

With Project QR codes, SiteMax is making this possible.

- Read more in our Project QR code overview.

If a worker is given the Project QR Code assigned to a project, they can use their cellular camera to scan and access a link.

- Read more in our article about Scanning QR codes from mobile.

option a) With the link, if this worker exists, they can submit a form associated to a project via a Project Notice.

- Read more about Project Notices via QR codes.

option b) If the user doesn’t exist they can submit their phone number and contact.

- A contact is created in the system, and external access is granted.

- Read more about Requesting Access through Project QR Codes.

The admin can now setup the new external user with the correct permissions.

- After that, they can be added to the project.

- Learn more about permissions required for external access to project QR codes.

Project QR Code Permissions

The external user can now access the site reports that have been set for their title in a notice.

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