The Equipment tab is used to organize, track, and manage your company's equipment.

Add a one item at a time directly in the equipment tab, or multiple items using our CSV Template. Export a list of all current equipment in your system to a CSV file in the "Actions" dropdown. The minimum requirements we need to create an item are Status and Name.

Create a toolbox to keep commonly used equipment as a set to quickly assign to a project. Keep equipment not assigned to projects in your "Toolshed". Keep track of your equipment locations using the Log

Create a timecard for your equipment to track where and when it's being used.

Quickly scan equipment using a unique code assigned to each item

Change the status of an item to indicate its condition or current physical state. Marking items as "Out of Service" is how we deal with unwanted items instead of deleting them

Provide another layer categorization for your equipment using the "Rental" or "Service" item settings.


Use the "Map" feature to visually see where your tools are located.

Equipment details (Click on ID)

You can also populate a variety of other fields such as Brand, Model, Serial Number and Value. Create a custom "Category" to help group items together.

"Equipment Details" Tabs (Click on ID)

  • Profile - Add, edit or remove equipment details

  • Maintenance - Add and keep track of maintenance records

  • Reports - Create a report on an item using a form, and export results

  • Log - View actions initiated on an item

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