Scanning a project specific, site/safety report QR code.

- QR code scanning for forms works very similar to scanning project QR codes.

- Main difference: the form QR code is assigned to a project-specific site/safety report.

- Another difference: the form QR codes don't connect to project notices in any way.

Getting Set-up to access a project specific site/safety report via scanning a form QR.

- Once an external individual has scanned a form QR code they will need to provide personal information to create or reference their external user access.

- If they have not gone through the process of entering their personal information, they will be met with these fields:

- If the external user has already setup their external account, when they enter their phone number, they will receive a code to confirm their phone:

- A code will be generated, and when the external user enters that code, the corresponding site or safety report will become available for them to edit and save.

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