Administrators with access to the company settings are able to customize the use of Purchase Orders (PO) in SiteMax.

Define the PO numbering

You can choose between 3 and 4 digits for the sequence of your PO.

Enter a 3 digit number and click on "Enabled"

The PO number will use:
[Project number]-[sequence]

The sequence increments by one every time a purchase order is created.

The project number is defined when creating a project and editable under Project Settings.


You can add any taxes that you are being charged by your vendors.

Click on Add tax

Enter the tax type (Example: GST, HST, TVA) and the corresponding value in percent.

For example to charge 5% GST, in type enter "GST" and in value "5".

The taxes that have been created can be set as default. This means the tax will be calculated and added for every line item when creating a PO.

Applicable taxes can be changed for each line item with any of the available taxes you create under those settings. PO Taxes


You can define the type of workflow your PO will follow in SiteMax:

  • Manual

With a manual workflow, the status is selected by the user. At any point, the PO can be emailed to the Project Owner, accounting, the vendor, or an email of your choice.

  • Approval

With an approval flow you can use threshold levels and the status will be driven by the actions taken in SiteMax. Notifications and emails are sent at specific stages and the PO can't be sent to a vendor without being approved (status visible on pdf).

Select the workflow you want for your entire company and click save.


When using an Approval Workflow, you can set a threshold level which, based on the monetary value of the PO, lets you define the approvers for each project.

Enter the monetary value for the bottom threshold of your new level.

If you create more than one, each new level will set the top level of the previous one.

You can then select any user to include as an approver by first selecting the project they will be approving. You can also view and add/remove users under Project Settings, Purchase Orders.

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