If you enable, from the Company Settings, Purchase Order, Approval workflow you will be able to set up threshold levels.

Each level is defined as per what is entered as the bottom value and the next level -$0.01 as the top value

In this example, we have 3 levels: $5,000 to $20,000, $20,000 to $100,000 and over $100,000

You can, from the same screen or from the Project Settings, Purchase Order tab, assign users to each level

A PO will enter a threshold level based on its total value including taxes when submitted. If more than one approver is assigned per level only one approval is required.

There are 3 main roles in the Approval flow

  • Editors: users are able to create and submit PO. Users that have "edit" access to Purchase Orders

  • Managers: admin of SiteMax that have more power on the workflow. Users that have "manage" access to Purchase Orders

  • Approvers: users assigned under the Project settings threshold levels. Can approve and reject.

The PO will follow the following workflow:

If the PO amount is lower than any threshold level OR if the PO is submitted by an approver, the PO will be directly set to Approved.

The PO PDF will show the current status and the email functionality will be enabled only once the PO has been approved.

Emails and notifications

Accounting emails refer to the emails added under the Project Settings, Purchase Orders screen.

Project Manager (PM) refers to the users assigned as the main user under Project Settings, Team & Project structure.

  • Submit - PM and Approver(s) notified on mobile

  • Approve/Reject - PM and Editor notified on mobile and via email; Accounting via email

  • Void (Approved and Processed only) - PM, Editor and accounting notified via email

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