SiteMax has made some interface and functionality changes that are sure to excite most!



The main change you will notice is that we removed the issue date selection, used for versioning.

Any upload will have an issued date as the date of its upload. The issued date will always be changeable under the drawing information

We have updated the table and filter to match our existing styles.

We now use bookmarks to extract any relevant information for your page number and name. Most drawing software should provide this metadata.

If it does not...

We have added OCR functionality as you upload, to help name and number Drawing documents.

Click Scan number/description to scan and update the drawing number and title FAST!

- If drawings have the same general page layout, choose Select all. With minor changes required, select drawings by relevance and make batch changes.

Now it's easy to scan a Drawing Number...

And a Drawing Title!

Once the Title and Number have been scanned with OCR, Review Drawings and Confirm.

This makes finding "the right sheet" a lot faster by jumping through the version numbers and titles:

To help even more...

- Page numbering has been optimized to handle complex sequencing. Add a sequence at any point in numbering for the subset of pages to order correctly, as drawings are being uploaded.

- This results in faster, easier and better ordering. Using folders and favourites, organize EVERYTHING in one, easy-to-access place.


Additional functionality changes include:

- Linked Items open new tabs in the browser, instead of layering a pop-up on the same page.

This helps with productivity:

Please use the live chat to reach out to our support team if any questions come up!

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