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Easily Manage. Mark up and Organize your company's drawings. The drawings tab uses a variety of methods to Organize your files such as folders, numbers and versions.

Uploading and auto-numbering

Our system uses OCR to automatically number PDF files.


Use ListView/Grid view, Folders, Tags, Versions, numbering Publish log to help find your drawings easily.

Mark up (Power feature)

Use the mark-up feature for a variety of purposes such as adding lines or text, or shapes. Attaching RFIs, Punch items or Tasks to easily indicate the mentioned area.

Export PDF

Export your drawing to a PDF and include your mark-up information.

Versions, numbering

We use numbers to determine the order of drawings. Our numbering system recognizes both numerical and alphabetical ordering. If two drawings in the same folder have the same number, it will be recorded as a 2nd version.

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