Markers - Attach existing items or create new markers within the drawing.

- Attach RFI

- Attach Punch Item

- Attach Task

Attachments - Pin other drawing references, photos or files to a drawing.

- Link Section Detail

- Attach Photo

- Attach Document

Draw Lines - Mark-up drawings with arrows, lines and line shapes.

- Draw Custom Lines

- Draw an Arrow

- Draw a Polyline

Draw Shapes - Markup drawings with basic shapes.

- Draw a Square

- Draw a Circles

- Draw a polygon

- Draw a Cloudy Rectangle

Add Text - Click and Drag to type within a text box.

Measurements - Setup accurate measurements, measure areas and shapes.

- Calibrate

- Measure Length

- Measure an Area

- Measure a Polygon

Edit & Delete - Update or Trash multiple items at the same time.

- Edit works for moving items around easily.

- Delete makes it simple to clean up mistakes and erase un-needed items.

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