Creating a contact is easy, and can be referenced here: Creating Contacts in SiteMax

When choosing External User Access in a new contact profile, a matching user with external access will be created and granted collaborator access with no access to projects or company info.

This will allow such users to be selected as Recipients of RFI or Change Order update emails in the following circumstances:

  • Response added (in system or via email)

  • Closed (includes final response, in system)

  • Draft submitted

  • RFI submitted

Once the RFI or Change Order has been received in the Recipients inbox, they can reply to the email and a response will be logged on the RFI in the system.


- When the contact receives an email to respond to, the response in SiteMax will automatically reference the contact that received said email.

- Forwarding this email to another contact will still yield a response from the originally referenced recipient.

Learn more about Change Orders and RFIs:

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