General Timecard/Timecentre Access

1) - Users with Timecards Enabled need to be added to a project for their timecard to appear.

2) - Users need to have access to Project(s) in some capacity, otherwise they can't be added to a project, and subsequently won't have a visible timecard until such time.

3) - Managing a Timecard is equivalent to Viewing, Editing and Submitting Timecards on Projects Assigned.

4) - Allowing only Check In (self) limits users to starting and stopping their time, not manually entering timecards on Projects Assigned.

5) - Limit users from managing timecards. Let users View only their own timecard(s) on Projects Assigned.

6) - Allow users to mark their project timecard Status as Submitted.

7) - Commonly given Admin access: allow users to Export Timecards/Timecentre entries to CSV, PDF or custom.

Project Specific Timecard Access

- Users with Project Specific Timecard Access are typically Field Managers, Superintendents, Foremen.

- Typically they have access to manage other user(s) Timecard(s) and will need the following permissions to be paired with either access to Projects or Projects Assigned.

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