Review Check-in/out times recorded, from either Timecards (project) or Timecentre (company).

- Using Timecentre is the easiest way to review time across multiple projects.

- When a Red Flag becomes visible beside a check-in/out time, hover the cursor to view the alert.

3 causes for a Check-in/out Alert would be:

- Outside of Geo Fence.

- GPS Disabled.

- Manually Checked-in/Out (by another user).

In the case of "Outside of Geo Fence"; View Checkin Details - Map.

- Click on the red flag to view where the user (was) checked-in/out, in reference to the geo-fence radius.

- Use the (+/-) to zoom in/out.

- In Timecards or Timecentre use the Edit Pencil on the Check In/Out Times table:

- This opens the detailed timecard records of the user and allows for easier editing of project timecards.

Reviewing check-ins from the Dashboard.

- When on the company level, click into the Active Check-in view.

- Remember to click back into either List or Tile View from the dashboard. Otherwise, projects won't be visible and can cause confusion.

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