Markup Feature

- Tap into a Project Drawing.

- Click into the menu (3 dots) to show more.

- Tap Markup.


- Click into the Line tool.

- Choose which thickness, or shape.

- Tap & Drag to draw the length of the line or shape.


- Select the shape tool and choose a style that works.

- Once selected, Tap & Drag to draw/markup the shape's parameters.


- Select the annotation tool.

- Once selected, Tap & Drag to define the Text Box parameters.


- Use the edit pencil to enable editing for all markups.

- Once Edit in [ON], Tap & Drag to re-locate markups or re-size shapes.

- Once completed, click Save or Cancel.


- Use the trash bin to enable deletion of items.

- Once Delete in [ON], Tap to remove any annotations or markups.

- Once completed, click Save, Cancel or Clear All.


- Once markups are completed, use the menu (3 dots) to show more.

- Save as New or Replace Original.

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