SiteMax allows you to import your entire materials list by uploading CSV files. Easily set up your materials in a few clicks.

Importing Materials List

Dashboard > Settings > Import/Export Data > Import Materials

Once you are on the Import/Export data page, you are able to quickly import your materials list along with others.

Download the "sample CSV file" by clicking on the blue link. We will use this CSV file to import our list.

Open the downloaded CSV file. The file is a template that allows you to upload your entire materials list at once. Erase the sample data given in the template and import your materials list. Do not change the grey area and column headers.

General fillable Information (Required*):

  • ID (fill to update): Leave blank when importing your materials list for the first time, This field is generated by SiteMax to track all Materials.

  • Name*: This is a required field, enter the name of the material here

  • Code (Max 10 Chars): This can be used to add a QR Item Code (QR codes can be used to track materials by scanning them)

  • Unit*: Unit of Measurements for item

  • Value (numeric): Add the $ value per material (per 1 item)

  • Quantity (numeric): Number of items for that particular material

Note: To prevent errors, ensure no materials are duplicated on the list, make sure all materials have unique names (do not have multiple items with exact same name).

Once you have completed adding your materials to the CSV file, make sure you save and export the file as a CSV file. On your systems page click "Browse" to find your newly exported CSV file and "Import".

You will be able to find the material list in the materials module once the CSV file has been imported. To access the module, go to Dashboard > Materials.

Note: If you are looking to add Materials with an existing list instead of clicking "sample CSV file", click "Export data". This will pull all the materials already on your list. Notice for existing materials on the CSV there will be an "ID" number present.

Fill list as stated above, ensure no items are duplicated. Once the template has been completed, save it as a CSV file and import the file.

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