Adding Materials Logs

Tracking your disposable materials has never been easier. Keep a record of your materials inventory as a company and track how much is being used on each project.
Allow users to indicate what materials they are using while they track their own time.

Add Materials Logs to Projects/Users

Add materials to projects

Dashboard > Materials > Select Materials > Actions > Add Log to Project

When adding materials logs to a project, make sure you have selected the correct project, assigned a user if needed, and selected the quantity of the materials being used.

Once the materials logs have been assigned to a project, the equivalent quantity will be deducted automatically from the total quantity of materials at the company level.

Add materials logs through user's time

Dashboard > Time Center > Add Time

Users are able to add materials when clocking in through the web or mobile. Users can track the materials and quantities they are using on a per-project basis. The use of materials by users is also deducted from the company-level materials list.

To log materials used during your time entry, make sure your company time settings have materials fields as either optional or required.

From Web, you can also use the Materials tab of our Time Centre to add logs directly to a project.

Viewing Assigned Materials

View materials that have been moved to the project by following the steps below:

Dashboard > Project (the project that you assigned the materials to) > Materials

You can also view materials as they have been assigned to users within Time Center.

From Time Center, you can view Materials used based on pay periods, users who have the materials were assigned to, the projects that the materials were used by, and have the ability to create custom reports for materials to streamline your workflow.

Follow the steps below to see materials in your Time Centre:

Dashboard > Time Center > Materials

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