Hi SiteMax world! Everyone should be getting excited for some amazing Timecards & Timecentre UI Redesigns, they are looking GREAT so far.

Coming soon!

While our team is busy working on the final tweaks and last rounds of QA/QC, we have released a small set of changes, improvements and fixes to the system.

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself."

- Henry Ford 🚙 🛠


  • Change Orders - Updated styles on PDF.

  • Day View - Mass-update information for "Label" and "Assigned to" of forms in DayView.


  • Drawings - UI updates - Time Settings. Cost types, payroll scheduler, required fields, check in/out adjustments. Auto check-in.

  • Change Orders - PDF Style updates

  • Day View - Endpoint speeds increased.

  • Contacts - Sort table by 'company' column.

  • Table Styles - Default filter added.

  • Timecards - Order Checkin info. Reverse chronological order for same-day check-ins.


  • Mobile. Timecards. Missing cost code for check-in conflict screen. Resolved.

  • RFIs. Error message. Resolved.

  • Day View. Table doesn't match SMX styles. Resolved.

  • External Portal. Change Order - Close button missing. Resolved.

  • Documents. Doc files are not downloading. Resolved.

  • Cost Codes. Default cost codes interfering with selected project cost codes on forms. Resolved.

  • Timecards. Payroll date endpoints. Resolved.

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