Dashboard > Time Center > Add Time > Enter Relevant info > Save & Close

Changes to other user's time require the "Manage Cog" for user permissions


A brief run-through on how to manage your company's time. Click on the "YELLOW" links to access more articles.

Adding Time

Manual - Time can always be added to a user from the Time Center. You can either add a new time e entry or add further information to an existing entry. You can add time by following the steps below:

From mobile (Dashboard > Add > Time):

From Check-in - Generally, standard users add time using the check-in feature. This is preferred because it uses geolocation to see where a worker checked-in

Manual time entry - While most workers use the check-in feature to add time, they can still add it manually

Editing Time

Time entries can always be edited as long as users have the proper permissions settings. Edits can be done individually by clicking on the user's name or they can be done in bulk by selecting multiple users using the tick boxes, then actions > edit.

Deleting Time

Select Entry (Checkbox) > Actions > Delete

Equipment Time

Equipment can have its own timecard or be a part of a user's time card. To add equipment time independent of a user, click on the "Equipment tab" in the time center. To log equipment time with a user's time entry, select the correct equipment on the web and mobile time entry screen.

Material Time

Materials can be logged independently or as part of a user's time entry. To log your materials independently, go to the "Material tab" in the time center. To log materials with a user's time entry, select the correct material and the appropriate quantity used both on the web and mobile time entry screen.

Approval process/Statues

There are 5 icons beside a time entry indicating the following:

  1. Checked in within the Geo-fence

  2. Manual time entry;

  3. Time entry has been approved;

  4. Time entry has been processed; and

  5. Time entry has been locked.

For more information, check out this article here.

Automatic Time Rules

You can also set up automatic time rules, such as "Lunch Deduction" and "Overtime". These rules automatically calculate your employees' time based on specific time tracking methods that you may follow. Set up automatic time rules in the time settings: Dashboard > Settings > Modules > Time.

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