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Just like how we create time entries and track a user's time, we can record time for items of equipment or associate them as a part of a user's timecard. In order for an item to be available for time tracking, you will need to enable this from the equipment tab, or during set-up, you can enable a checkbox option.


Enabling equipment tracking - Enabling an item for time tracking can be done in two ways:

  1. During the creation of the item, you can select a checkbox option to enable this

  2. Dashboard > Equipment > Select (checkbox) > Actions > Enable time tracking

Equipment in timecards - You have the option within the timecard settings to make equipment in a timecard optional, required, or disabled for a user.

Timecard options - Equipment time cards will have all the same fields as a user's timecard like Cost code, Geo fence, Work Type, duration, and so on.

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