When you are viewing the time center table with different time entries, you will be able to see the status of each entry at the right-most column. Statuses can always be applied or undone through the "Actions" menu. However, for "Approved" and "Processed", they will need to be done in the correct sequence.

To approve a time card, you will need to:

  1. Approve

  2. Process

To undo this action, you will need to:

  1. Undo process

  2. Undo approve


The globe icon represents geo-fence, which indicates whether a user has checked in within the geo-fence radius that has been set in the project settings. These settings can be altered from either the project settings or the time module settings. More information here.


The "manual" icon will indicate if a user entered the time manually, rather than the standard check-in method.


The company's accountant or payroll will approve time entries, which will be indicated by the "Approved" icon. It indicates that time has been accepted by the timekeeper or accounting.


Once the time entries have been passed through your company's accounting software or payroll, use the "Processed" icon to update the status.


Admins can lock time entries which will prevent employees from editing the timecard. Unlock timecards to let your employees edit their time entries.

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