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Build detailed custom reports containing just the data you need. Quickly create report templates and export them as a CSV, XSL, or PDF file for your records. Create personalized templates for departments or purposes. An example of a report that you can create would be a report for Payroll, Attendance, or Supervisor Report.


Formatting - Customize how you want your attributes to display in the report. Choose your preferred format for Time, Date, or Name.

Cost type - Decide whether you want a labour report, equipment report or both

Exclude from Report - Choose to not include certain attributes into the like "Work Type" or "Cost Code"

Building your report

The "Columns" and "Group By" sections are where you build your report. This is where you select which data to include in your report. You will find most classifications or statues here to be part of your report.

To add an attribute, open the "Columns" section, and click on a crossed-out Eye symbol. Once the eye is a solid colour, it will be present in your report. Otherwise, it will not be visible in your report.

You can open a better view of all the attributes you can include in a report by clicking the icons highlighted in the image below.

Once you have clicked the icon, you will see a list of all the attributes that you can use to build your report. Here are all the attributes that are found under "Columns".

When you have selected your attributes for your report, you can choose which data you want to be the focus of your report with the "Group By" option. It will separate each attribute with a colour.

Column Ordering

You can change the ordering of Columns by dragging your items using the "Lined" icon to the right of the "Eye" icon. Items above other items will appear before them in the list.


Finally, once you have created a report, you can then export it to a file. You can either export the information in CSV, XLS, PDF format. To do this, please see the steps below: Dashboard > Time center > Reports > Click on report > Actions > Export.

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