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Easily configure the way your company tracks employees' time in the time module settings. This is where you can set the parameters for your workers to follow, including custom fields, default Geo-fence radius, making required fields, and more. Please see below for more details.

General Settings

Click on "General Settings" to customize your time workflow.

Screen Settings

Set a Default Start Time for Manual Entries. You will see this present in "Start Time" when doing a manual check-in. You can also adjust your Default Project Geofence Radius for your worker's check-in. Your employees will be able to check-in within the set radius from the project site.

Field requirements

Make certain items mandatory when checking out. These Items include: Cost Codes, Work Type, Equipment, Time Type, and Checkout Confirmation (either Signature or photo).


You may disable or enable your workers from creating future time entries.

Custom Cost Type Codes

Customize your cost type codes depending on what kind of accounting software your company uses.

Time Configuration

Create an automated workflow and allow our system to adjust and deduct necessary items to make time calculation easy.

Time Rounding

Enable time rounding here. Round off check-in or checkout time to a round number. Pick the required duration and whether you want to round up or down.

Lunch Deduction Settings

Automatically deduct time after a certain period. See the article for more information.

Time Types
Create specific time types, such as Double Time, Regular Time, Time and a Half, Overtime, etc., and set specific codes for each of the time types.

Overtime Rules

If certain conditions are met, an overtime rule will apply. See the article on overtime rules for more information.



Classification is used to organize your employees and workers. This may be in line with their role or division. Create classifications here and add them to a person in "Teams".

Work Types

A work type is like a description or category of work you are doing. Multiple work types could be applied to the same user if they are doing various different tasks or activities. An example of a work type would be "Trenching".

Custom Fields

Create custom fields for your workers to fill out as they create time entries. These fields would generally be very company-specific.

Financial Calculations

Customize what you consider as a Payable Item, Billable Item, or Overhead cost by combining a Time type, Classification, Work type, and Cost Code together.

Once time is added with the conditions you have set, our system will automatically class these items.

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