Hi SiteMax World,

Long time no see! This update is going to be a long one, including 2.5 months’ worth of new features, updates, and improvements. Let’s get to it.

“It is not the beauty of the building you should look at: it’s the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time.” – David Allan Coe

📣 New Features

  • Change Orders - Cancelled change orders can now be reopened with a new suffix

  • Form Builder - Can make a copy from an existing form

  • Purchase Orders - New fields added: “Referenced RFI” (from SiteMax) and “Referenced SI/RFI” (external)

  • Purchase Orders - Ability to customize your PO screen or PDF by choosing included fields

  • Purchase Orders - More and better export at the project and company level

  • New Time - Can add time entry manually and location shown on a map with geo-fence

  • New Time - New UI functionalities added

  • New Time - Equipment added to reports

  • Mobile - Reset password

🚀 Improvements

  • Company Reports - New filters added

  • Equipment - Ability to mark equipment as “Rental”

  • Equipment - Added work type, rental date, and classification

  • Photos - “Load More” button added and can be filtered by date

  • Purchase Orders - Removed pick-up date, vendor name included when a PO is exported, added autocomplete for equipment

  • Records - UI updates regarding table view

  • Tasks - Added “Created By” field to task and table view

  • New Time - Always shows the latest time entry at the top and check-in information is ordered in reverse-chronological order based on the date

  • New Time - Different permissions for creating equipment timecards

  • New Time - New column showing employee classification when exported as CSV

  • New Time - Updated wordings in time entry and settings

  • New Time - Allow multiple entries and inputs to change cost-code, work-type, notes, custom fields

  • New Time - Updated permissions

  • New Time - Allow equipment time entry

  • New Time - Report template adjusted with more columns

  • New Time - Allow more time format and more sorting options for reports

  • New Time - UI updates regarding time settings, configuration, reports, timecards view

  • Mobile - Dayview optimized

🛠️ Fixes

  • New Time Centre - Issue with filters. Resolved.

  • New Time - Export does not include time type. Resolved.

  • New Time - Sage 50 CSV Export Customization. Resolved.

  • New Time - Classification error. Resolved.

  • New Time - The displayed number of users selected does not correspond with the actual number of users selected. Resolved.

  • New Time - Deduct function time miscalculation. Resolved.

  • App Tour - Glitches. Resolved.

  • Scheduler - Error message on “People” tab. Resolved.

  • Scheduler - Notifications sent twice. Resolved.

  • Punch List - Clean up page break in the report. Resolved.

  • Purchase Orders - Selected POs do not show on the export count in actions. Resolved.

  • Purchase Orders - Missing Cost Codes. Resolved.

  • Purchase Orders - Exported PO shows different totals off by $0.01. Resolved.

  • Map - Project view wording changes. Resolved.

  • Tools - Missing filters. Resolved.

  • Drawings - Attachment loading error. Resolved.

  • Drawings - The markup tool disappears when hovered over. Resolved.

  • QR Codes - Loading issues. Resolved.

  • Project Forms - Unable to export forms. Resolved.

  • Contacts - Search via phone number disabled. Resolved.

  • Mobile - Unable to create a new tag from punch item. Resolved

  • Project Settings - UI fixes to the progress bar. Resolved.

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