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Managing timecard permissions will allow you to restrict or enable all features related to time. As with all permissions in SiteMax, it is very important to have the correct permissions enabled to ensure a smooth workflow.

Timecard permissions are separated into 2 sets. At the top of the user permissions page, you will see Timecard Manage/View (Self) checkbox permissions. Below this among the other feature's settings, you will find standard permissions

Timecards View (self)

If you have Timecards View (self) enabled this should be the ONLY timecard permissions enabled. This is designed for a user to only view the time submitted for them. They have no access to submit time themselves. If this permission IS enabled with any standard Timecard permissions it will result in a permission error.

Timecards Manage (self)

Giving this permission will allow users to edit their time entries. A user with this permission will be able to manually enter a time entry. They will also be able to edit

any of their own previous entries. Timecards Manage (Self) CAN be enabled with other permissions and will not result in an error.

Timecards - (Standard permissions)

The standard "Timecards" consists of the "View", "Edit", and "Manage" permissions. This is probably the most powerful set of timecard permissions. Please see below for a more in-depth explanation.


The view permission is required if a user wishes to Check-in/out of their time. This is the standard Start/Stop of your time. If this permission is enabled alongside Timecards Manage (self) the user will also have the ability to manually enter or edit their own time.


With the "Edit" permission enabled users can edit their own time entries, This permission does not allow users to manually enter a time entry. The user can only edit time they have entered via Check-in/out (Start/Stop). The idea here is admins still can see the original entry before it was changed. Admins can view this by clicking any of the icons beside a time entry within the Timecenter


Having the "Manage" permission will allow users to perform all actions regarding the Timecenter. This includes multi-user check-in/out, multiple user manual entries and multiple equipment times. With this permission, you also have the ability to add, delete or edit any user's time. Having this permission will also give you the ability to approve or process someone's time.

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