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October came and went so fast. We are definitely feeling grateful for all your support and love thus far during this Canadian Thanksgiving season. We hope you are enjoying the last weekend of the spooky season. 👻

Oh, did I mention? We have a new website! Check out our website here. We are adding more help centre articles in the next couple of weeks regarding the New Time centre and Purchase Orders.

“Each of us is carving a stone, erecting a column, or cutting a piece of stained glass in the construction of something much bigger than ourselves.” – Adrienne Clarkson.

📣 New Features

  • Company Reports - List of all your forms that can be exported as CSV.

  • Equipment - Purchase Order can be referenced under equipment maintenance.

  • Equipment - Equipment time can be easily added without a user.

  • Forms and Form Builder - Added collapsable group block functions. Cloning reports function added.

  • Materials - Quantity fields added and material usages are reflected on both the company and project level.

  • Materials - Search bar added to find materials using text.

  • New Time - Payable, billable, and overhead items can have a monetary value rate instead of a coefficient.

  • New Time - Materials included in time entries and reporting to track usage.

🚀 Improvements

  • Change Order - Export PDF UI updated.

  • Company Settings - Time Module Settings UI updated. “Pay period settings” has been moved can be found under “time settings” and “company info” tabs.

  • Drawings - Mark up tool has been renamed from markers → pins.

  • Equipment - Mobile. Move Equipment shortcut added to (+) Add button.

  • Equipment - Export selected option added.

  • Forms and Form Builder - Add requirements conditions for radio/photos/comments.

  • Forms and Form Builder - Ability to show or hide “assigned/created/modified date”.

  • Forms and Form Builder - Ability to show weather information in degrees F or degrees C.

  • Materials - More filters added.

  • New Time - Delete templates.

  • New Time - Define rules for all time types.

  • New Time - Added new data points for payable and billable hourly rates.

  • New Time - Time classification can be deleted.

  • New Time - Allow unique cost codes when setting up payable, billable, overhead rules.

  • New Time - Reports formatting updated.

  • New Time - Manual time entries will default to start at the current time upon creation.

  • New Time - Mobile. When checking in, the user’s name will be located at the top of the list to reduce scrolling and searching, followed by users who are currently checked-in then in alphabetical order.

  • New Time - Timecards loading time improved.

  • Old Time - Export PDF UI updated.

  • Purchase Orders - Export table changes.

  • Purchase Orders - Ability to make cost codes mandatory depending on approval/manual workflow.

  • Purchase Orders - Added new fields, cost-code mandatory, equipment, and customized terms.

  • Punch List - Notification sent to Assignee.

  • Records - Set the reminder date and time.

  • RFI - Export function updated.

  • Settings - Added a 50 km geo-fence radius option.

  • Team - UI update for Crews for better user experience. Added Crew header column with table settings.

🛠️ Fixes

  • Contacts - Permissions updated.

  • Company Reports - Scrolling option added to filters.

  • Team - Scrolling option added to filters.

  • Change Order - Mobile. Unable to view changes. Fixed.

  • Change Order - Expanded text area.

  • Documents - Sharing error. Fixed.

  • Equipment - Inactive projects hidden.

  • Form - Mobile. Signature input error. Fixed.

  • Form - Permissions updated.

  • Form Builder - Input date error. Fixed.

  • New Time - Auto lunch deduction error. Fixed.

  • New Time - Permissions. Fixed.

  • New Time - Check-in conflict and update check-out fields. Fixed.

  • New Time - Check-in and check-out location update. Fixed.

  • Photo - Markup tool error. Fixed.

  • Punch List - Export priority only. Fixed.

  • Purchase Order - QBO synced icon missing. Fixed.

  • Purchase Order - PDF alignment issue. Fixed.

  • Purchase Order - Updated notification wording. Fixed.

  • Purchase Order - PDF export does not include cost code. Fixed.

  • Purchase Order - Default cost code error. Fixed.

  • RFI ​​- Mobile. Submission error. Fixed.

  • Settings - Cost code cannot be removed from a group. Fixed.

  • Task - Notification update. Fixed.

  • Task - View-only user permissions. Fixed.

  • Web - Password reset. Fixed.

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