Upload the project specifications to a SiteMax project to easily view, manage and organize them. To begin, go to ⚙️ Project Settings and click on the 'Specifications' tab. Here, you will be able to see your existing specifications. You can upload the entire project spec book or upload specific sections independently.

Upload New Specs

Use this feature to upload the entire project specifications.

Step 1. Select Set Name and Upload PDF Document

If you are uploading the specification for the first time, you will need to add a Book Set Name by clicking on the + button. If you are uploading new specifications, you can select an existing Book Set Name from the drop-down menu. Upload the specification in PDF format only!

While the system is processing the PDF, please do not refresh the page. It may take up to a few minutes to complete the process and extract all information.

Step 2. Resolve any Division Conflicts

After processing the PDF, the system will alert you if there are any division conflicts. If the specification has a different division name (same division number) than what is already in the system, you will have the chance to update the division name to choose the specification naming convention.

The greyed-out fields, on the left, are the current division number and name. The editable field, on the right, will show the division name found in your specification.

Click Confirm to update the division name. Click Close to keep the old division name.

Step 3. Select Sections to Upload

The PDF has been divided into divisions and sections. Check the page range or click on the PDF button to double-check that the sections have been divided correctly. Select sections that you want to upload to SiteMax. If your spec book is missing a section, it will give you the opportunity to upload a separate PDF of that section.

Select sections by using the tick boxes and publish to upload your sections.

Manually Add Sections

Use this feature if you want to upload a specific section PDF. If you are uploading an entire spec book, use the Upload New Spec feature. See more information above.

Select Set Name, Division, Section Number, Section Name, and Upload PDF Document

Select a Book Set Name from the drop-down menu or click the + button to create a new Book Set Name. Then, select division from the drop-down menu, enter the section number and the section name. Upload the section in PDF format. Please upload the PDF containing the specific section only. The system will not process the PDF automatically and create new sections if there are multiple sections in the document.

Click the 'Add More' button to add more than one section at a time to the same set. Click the 'Save' button to upload your section(s).

View and Manage Sections

To begin, go to ⚙️ Project Settings and click on the 'Specifications' tab. This is where you can see your project specifications.

  • Use the filter to sort by division or book set or find a section using the search bar.

  • The ⚙️ cog button allows you to configure the table (toggle visibility and rearrange columns).

  • When a new version of the spec or a section has been uploaded, it will override the existing section and the revision number will be updated. To view the revision history, click on the time icon beside the revision number.

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