To create a submittal, make sure that:

  • Your Vendor, Reviewers, and Approvers are in your contacts as an individual

  • The project specification is uploaded to SiteMax

Access the submittals module from the project dashboard. Click on the "Add Submittal" button and fill out the submittal information.

General Information (Required*)

Submittal Name*: name of the submittal

Submittal Number: automatically generated upon sending

Status: draft, open, or closed; automatically updated

Section*: select the correct section PDF to reference in your submittal; sections and spec book can be updated in your project settings

Package (optional): add to an existing package or create a new package by clicking the plus button; the package allows you to manage multiple submittals as a group

Cost-Code (optional): select a cost-code that is associated with the submittal

Type*: the type of response the vendor needs to submit

Vendor*: select your vendor by searching for their name; make sure they are listed as your contacts as an individual

Location (optional): select an existing location or add a new location by clicking the plus button

Submittal Manager*: the internal user in charge of managing the overall submittal workflow; can be edited

Ball in Court: displays the name of the person who needs to take the next action in the submittal workflow

Schedule (Required*)

Final Due Date*: the final due date the submittal should be closed in order to successfully deliver on-site; select a date from the calendar

Issue Date: when the submittal was sent to the Vendor; automatically updated

Received Date: when the response to the submittal was submitted by the Vendor; automatically updated

Approval Date*: the date the Reviewer/Approver in the workflow must submit their approval by; select a date from the calendar

On-Site Date*: the date that the deliverable will need to be on-site

Days to Deliver: how many days between the on-site date and the approval date; updated automatically


Add any additional information you wish to share with the Vendor.


Add any documents you wish to share with the Vendor.

Once the required fields are filled out, press "Save" to continue.


  • Select a Vendor, Reviewers, and Approvers who are required to perform an action for the submittal from the drop-down menu. Make sure the Vendor is listed in your contacts and your users are assigned to the project.

  • Select a due date for each of the users.

  • To create a successful workflow, you need one Vendor and at least one Approver. Click "Update" after each row.

  • Drag and drop each row to re-order the workflow.

  • To add more people to the workflow, click "Add Response".

Vendor*: the person who requires to submit a response to the submittal; the same Vendor is automatically transferred from the input above. There can only be one Vendor in a submittal.

Reviewer (optional): the person who will review the submittal response.

Approver*: the person who approves the submittal response.

Distribution List

Add users to the distribution list to receive automatic emails when submittals get updated. Make sure the users on the distribution list are listed in your contacts.

To remove a user from the distribution list, delete their name or email address from the field. Don't forget to click "Update" on your submittal.

Click "Cancel" to close the submittal.

Click "Update" to save the submittal as a draft.

Click "Send" to send the submittal to the users in the workflow, starting with the Vendor.

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