Responding to a Submittal as a Vendor

Once the submittal has been created by the submittal manager and has been sent out, the vendor will receive an automatic email from SiteMax. The email will include information such as:

  • Submittal name;

  • Submittal number;

  • Associated project number;

  • Type of response to submit;

  • Due date; and

  • A unique URL to respond to a submittal.

Click on the URL or the "To Respond" button to view the specifications and respond to a submittal.

To view the section, click on the View File button. Upload a document by clicking on the Upload button or drag and drop files to the attachments area. Click on the Submit button to send the submittal to the next person in the workflow.

Responding to a Submittal as a Reviewer or an Approver

The Reviewer or the Approver will receive an email with a unique URL to access the submittal.

The Reviewer or the Approver will be able to view any files or attachments associated with the submittal by clicking on the View File button.

Reviewers or Approvers can leave comments and markups on the document submitted by the Submitter using SiteMax's markup tools, including:

  • Freehand drawing

  • Highlighting

  • Underline

  • Strikeout

  • Squiggly

  • Free text

  • Note

  • Signature

  • Stamp (and custom stamp)

If the Reviewer or the Approver has their own document that they want to upload, they can Delete the file associated with the submittal and upload a new document.

The Reviewer and the Approver may choose one of the following actions:

  • Approve;

  • Reject; or

  • Forward.

Forwarding a Response

A Reviewer or an Approver may forward the submittal response to have it reviewed or approved by another person by clicking the Forward button. Forwarding a submittal will introduce another person to the workflow.

To forward a response to another user, select a user by searching their name. They must be listed as a contact in SiteMax. If their name is not found in the list, please contact your submittal manager.

Indicate when the user will need to respond to the submittal by selecting a date from the "Respond By" field.

Select the role they play in the workflow process.

Select their position in the workflow. When adding a new person to the workflow, they can be added either before you or after you.

  • To Approve before me

This means that the submittal will go to the new reviewer or the approver and once they have completed their review/approval, the response will come back to you. As soon as you forward the response, your access to the submittal will expire, however, you will receive another email and a new URL when it is your turn.

  • To Approve after me

This means that the submittal will go to the new reviewer or the approver after you have completed your review/approval.

The submittal manager should be able to see the new Reviewer or Approver in the workflow.

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