Hi SiteMax World,

This month, we launched the submittals module with the beta tag. Our submittals module works with your specifications to easily communicate with your vendors, reviewers and approvers.

Interested in learning more about submittals? Check out our help centre articles or chat with us to learn more.

β€œIt is not the beauty of a building you should look at; it’s the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time.” – Adrienne Clarkson.

πŸ“£ New Features

  • Form Builder - Forms can be versioned and cloned by using duplicate and revise function in an existing form.

  • Integrations - Quick Books Online for new time is available.

  • Materials - Bulk delete company level materials.

  • New Time Centre - Automatically split time entries that span over midnight.

  • New Time Centre - Allow time entries in the future.

  • New Time Centre - Mobile. Move equipment from different projects when entering new time entries.

  • Notice Board - Link SiteMax documents to the notice board.

  • Project Settings - Upload and manage project specifications.

  • Project Settings - Add and edit project specifications.

  • Submittals - New module launched with beta tag. The submittal module includes creating a submittal, managing the workflow, closing and distributing responses. For more information, check out the help centre articles.

  • Scheduler - Automatic assignment and scheduling when creating appointments from web and mobile.

  • Submittals - Mobile. View only.

πŸš€ Improvements

  • Change Orders - Change colour for each status, similar to punch list.

  • Equipment - More search filters added.

  • Forms - Mobile. Search bar added.

  • Hidden Forms - Move hidden forms to the bottom of the list.

  • Materials - Export includes tags.

  • New Time Centre - Project and user can be edited in time entries.

  • New Time Centre - Display custom fields in the time table.

  • New Time Centre - Table configuration.

  • New Time Centre - New time card ordering.

  • New Time Centre - Export reports as PDF.

  • New Time Centre - Ability to delete custom fields.

  • New Time Centre - Clone custom fields on splitting user and tool.

  • Old Time Centre - Export customization.

  • Punch List - When generating reports, add a cover page or a table of contents.

  • Punch List - Pop-up actions updated.

πŸ› οΈ Fixes

  • Company Reports - Export CSV issues. Fixed.

  • Company Settings - Export project data issues. Fixed.

  • Dashboard - Total projects number not updating. Fixed.

  • Day View - Content not displayed. Fixed.

  • Drawings - Unit of measurement issues. Fixed.

  • Drawings - Taking a long time to sync. Fixed.

  • Forms - QR code issues. Fixed.

  • New Time Centre - Table configuration and sort function not working as intended. Fixed.

  • New Time Centre - The names of users with 2+ names are truncated in reports. Fixed.

  • New Time Centre - UI update. Replace the sort icon. Fixed.

  • New Time Centre - Mobile. UI update. Consistent wording. Fixed.

  • Project Settings - Multiple notifications sent on user assignment. Fixed.

  • Purchase Order - Error message not triggered when no items are selected for export. Fixed.

  • Project Dayview - The number of users displays error. Fixed.

  • Purchase Order - Total calculation issues. Fixed.

  • Purchase Order - Export history issues. Fixed.

  • Purchase Order - PO numbers split into separate columns when exported. Fixed.

  • RFI - The attachment link has an error. Fixed.

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