A Material CSV file can be exported from :

  1. Company-level: select all or part of your inventory to review

  2. Project Level: find the materials being used on a specific project

  3. Settings - Import/export tab: get the full list and update via upload

Company Level, Material List Export :

To access the company list of all materials first click on the Materials icon from the Company level menu.

Then use the Actions menu > Export CSV to export a bulk list of all materials.

Export a CSV file of your company's material using tags and cost codes to refine your export to only the values you need.

Alternatively, by selecting the material items of choice and then clicking Actions > Export Selected you can get only the list of interest.

CSV files will be exported and will be emailed to you in a zip file. It may take several minutes to arrive depending on the file size.

Project Level Material List Export:

The project-level material list will show you the logs of materials that have been tracked on that project. To access your project material logs, navigate to the project and from the Project Menu > Materials icon.

Filter your project material list by date and tags by clicking on "Filters" to generate a specific list of project materials logs.

The list can then be downloaded by clicking on the Actions > Export to CSV

Settings - Import/export tab :

From the Company level > Click on Settings > go to the Import/ Export Data tab > Click on 'export data' under Import Materials to get a CSV file of all materials including programmatic id by email.

Use this list to re-upload to update existing inventory. Any line with an id in the first column will trigger our system to update the corresponding entry.

Learn how to add materials logs

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