Our importer allows you to transition your pre-existing data to SiteMax and the exporter helps you populate and share data that has been logged in SiteMax.

From the company dashboard, go to Company Settings > Import/Export Data tab.

The following type of data can be imported into and exported out of SiteMax:

  • Users

  • Equipment

  • Contacts/Vendors/Clients

  • Projects

  • Materials

  • Cost Code

Import Data to SiteMax

Importing a CSV file enables you to add many items to your SiteMax instance at once.

Note: To ensure a successful import, review each row in your CSV file. You must describe a single entity, such as a name, description, etc. In the following examples, the first row is the header, the following lines are entries. The order of columns can't be changed.


1. Click on the hyperlinked 'sample CSV file' to download a sample pro forma of the CSV import file.

2. Input the data in the CSV file import template. Leave the ID (fill to update) field blank. The field names are not case-sensitive. However, for any text fields, enter the field value exactly as you would like it to appear.

3. Once all the information has been added to the CSV file, save the file and upload the file by clicking on Browse to locate the file on your PC. Click on Import to push that data into SiteMax.

4. Lastly, go to the respective SiteMax module (Materials, Equipment, Teams, etc.) to check if the information is accurately imported and showing as it should on your SiteMax instance.

Export Data to SiteMax

Exporting data is extracting certain datasets from your SiteMax instance. Exporting can be used as a method of backing up important data or moving data to another application via a CSV import.


1. Simply click on export data and check your email for export data. It may take several minutes to arrive, depending on the file size.

2. Check your email. Open the attached file, unzip and save the CSV file locally on your PC.

Q. How do I import data when there is already data existing? (i.e. there is already equipment, material, or cost code list and you want to add more)

In order to add to an already existing list of equipment, materials, cost codes, etc, simply export the file and then re-import it. Make sure that the new data entered is not duplicated.

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