Hi SiteMax World,

We hope that your 2022 is off to a great start. Here is our first product update of the year.

📣 New Features

  • The chat icon has moved from the bottom left of the screen to the top banner. To chat with our support team, please use the chat button beside your name.

  • Drawings. Share drawings by selecting the drawings and exporting them. SiteMax will create an external URL with downloadable links that can be shared with external users.

  • Form builder. We have a ton of components being added to the form builder. Some of the components include:

    • Change radio cell direction

    • Group by to display a subset of users in a form

    • Add labels

    • Add a submit button and link to a distribution list or custom email list

    • Add tasks from a form

    • Make distribution list for forms on a project by project basis

🚀 Improvements

  • Equipment. Users with edit permissions can move equipment.

  • Drawings. Add users to the recipient list to receive an email notification when a new revision has been uploaded to SiteMax. To access the recipient list, click on the drawing and click on the i icon beside the actions button.

  • Scheduler. Users can select which task from the task list they want to sync date and assignee for.

  • Submittals. Submittals numbering has been updated. The numbering will now follow the format: division number - sequence starting 1.

  • Submittals. UI updates.

  • Time. Edit time entries and notes directly from the timetable on the web. Click on the gear in the table to make quick changes.

  • Time. Track edit histories by clicking on the clock in a time entry located in the top right corner. See what has been changed by who.

  • Time. You can now have a different start and end date when entering time, for situations where you are creating a time entry for a night shift.

  • Time. New time type added - “Sick Pay”

  • Time. Mobile. The materials field has been moved to the bottom of the time entry.

  • Time. Mobile. When entering multiple manual entries, users can now customize these entries on one screen. Create an entry that applies to all the users OR enter individual entries (different duration, cost code, etc.) on the same screen.

  • Time. Mobile. Time entries can now be deleted by clicking on the three dots.

  • Site and Safety Reports. Mobile. Search bar and filters added.

🛠️ Fixes

  • Drawings. White space adjustment is needed. Fixed.

  • Equipment. Category filter not populating results. Fixed.

  • Scheduler. We have done a lot of small fixes for the scheduler, including aligning the table, adding syncing dates, notification, and more.

  • Materials. Mobile. Total error. Fixed.

  • Reports. Filter issues. Fixed.

  • Reports. Opening forms error. Fixed.

  • Reports. Recent reports shortcut not working. Fixed.

  • RFI. Unexpected system error when canceling RFI. Fixed.

  • Settings. Unable to report issues on mobile. Fixed.

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