Our Form Builder allows users to create custom forms templates that suit their workflows.

SiteMax makes it easy with drag and drop functionalities. When you first create a form you will notice tiles on the left side. Each of these tiles provides specific functionalities. They are called components that can be classified into two types:
Static: they will just show on a form/screen
- Title, Subtitle, Text, Link, photo, weather, spacer, group, and column
Dynamic: they will require a user action

- any other component

  • to place an item on the form you can either drag and drop the item or double click on the item

  • once an item is in the work area double click on the item area or clicks on the pencil icon on right to edit the item field

General Information:

Title: Add title

Subtitle: Add subtitles

Text: Small text area to add information such as notes

Link: Add an external link on the form. These links can be clicked on while users fill forms to be directed to external pages.

Input: Open text field where users can type in the information

Textarea: Open text field for additional information

Time: The field allows users to select a time

Number Input: Allows users to only input numbers

Date: Select a date

Checkbox: Checkbox gives users options to check items

Multiple Choice: Create a multiple choice option and allow users to select

Yes/No: Add options "YES, NO or N/A"

Select: Add custom dropdown lists be editing field

Signature: Allow users to sign off and insert signed date

Photo Upload: Users can upload up to 10 images on the form

PDF Upload: Users can Upload PDF

Weather: Show weekly weather on site

Group: Create repeatable items within the group block after toggling on this setting. Items added within this block can be repeatable.

Column: Create multiple columns on the same level (up to 4 columns) once you have selected the number of columns you want drag and drop items into these fields

Spacer: This allows you to group items by adding additional spaces between them, you can also change the color of these spacer fields

Submit: Add a button with special logic, rename the button as needed, create specific actions for the button(s) (Save, Save & Lock, Save & Email, Save, Lock & Email).

Create a Label for the form when the button is clicked.

Tasks: create tasks from within forms

Image: Display images (images of diagrams) on firm my uploading files within this field for users

Assessment: The field allows users to input assessment status add photos to assessment as well as comments.

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