The submit button allows you to create a custom button for when users have completed a form to complement or replace the save and email function. You can set specific logic for the submit buttons such as save, lock and email.

You can also set a label for the form when a user clicks this button.

To create custom logic for the submit button follow the steps below:

Drag and drop submit button to the work area > Either double click on submit button or click the pencil icon to edit functionality.

Once you have opened clicked "edit" you will be provided with the following fields that can be edited.

Component Label: Rename the Submit button to anything you like. You can use it for Approve, Reject, Review...

Button Color: Change the colour of the button as needed between Green, Blue, or Red using the dropdown

Submit Action: Use the dropdown to select between Save, Save & Lock, Save & Email, Save, Lock & Email.

  • "Save" will only save the form once the button is clicked

  • "Save & Lock" will save the form and lock to so it cannot be edited once a form is saved using the button

  • "Save & Email" and "Save Lock and Email" will perform the actions as per above as well as give you another dropdown to select who the form will be emailed to.

If "Email Distribution List" is selected the form will be emailed to the distribution list selected on either the company settings or project settings for the form.

If "Custom Email List" is selected you will be able to enter a list of emails that will get a notice each time the specific button is clicked.

"Note: If you need a form where at the end of the form it may need to be emailed to a specific depending on how the form is filled you can add multiple buttons with specific emails associated to each button to allow users to select who the form needs to be emailed to at the time of."

Set a Label to the form once the button is clicked. Click "Yes" to "Set Label to Submit?"

You can then add a level to the function of the button while will set a label for the form.

Need an approval workflow? Insert a column component and drag two Submit components in each column. Rename the first one to approve and green, rename the second one to reject and red. Make sure the proper label is set and people notified.

Additionally, you can also set this button to appear based on a response of another component using "Field Dependency".

Field Dependency is used to create conditional field dependencies, click on yes and set the field dependency target.

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