Use the multiple-choice tab to create quick responses users can select from. It works as a radio button: selecting an answer will remove the current answer (only one - same as Yes/No).

To create a multiple-choice item follow the steps below:

Drag and drop the multiple-choice box to the form area > Either double click on the multiple-choice section or click the pencil icon to edit functionality.

Once you have clicked the "edit" you will be provided with the following fields that can be edited.

Component Label: Rename "Multiple Choice" to any question.

Required: Make the field required for the user to fill before the form can be saved.

Show Component: Decide whether this should be visible on PDF.

Make View Inline: Set multiple-choice options on the same line as the question.

Direction: Set multiple-choice options axis (horizontal or vertical)

Multiple Choice Options: add and edit your multiple-choice options here (add more than 3 options by clicking the "+ Add Option Button").

Once you have set your parameters your multiple-choice is ready to be used within forms.

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