The "Task" component allows you to create tasks directly via forms. You can create tasks to be added to a specific task list and assign them to users. Access tasks created via the form in the task module.

Note: Tasks can be created on project-level forms only. You won't be able to create tasks if you are using this component in a company-level form or for a company form.

Adding the task component to the form

Add the component to the form by dragging and dropping the task component or simply clicking on the component box.

Click on the pencil or double-click the component to edit.

Edit the pop-up on the left-hand side to set parameters.

Component Label: Changes the "Add Task" option at the bottom. Leave it as is.

Show Component: Indicate where you want the task to show.

Show Component on Titles: Indicate which titles can see the component and create tasks. For example, if you want only the Project Manager to create tasks, tick off the "Project Manager" title. You may select multiple titles.

Data ID: Copy and paste this ID when creating dependencies.

Scheduled Task?: If yes, there will be a start and an end date to a task that can be scheduled. If no, there will only be one date.

Include Reminder?: If yes, set task reminders. If no, there will be no reminders set for the task.

Field Dependency: To create conditional field dependencies, click on yes and set the field dependency target. For more information, check out the Field Dependency article.

Creating a task from a form

To create a task from a form, fill out the following fields:

Task: Set a task name

Task List: Select which task list to add the new task to

Assignees: Select which person is assigned to the task by searching for their name

Date: Set the date of the task

Start Time: Set when the task starts

End Time: Set when the task ends

Description: Enter the task description

Color: Set the color of the task

Once the Submit button has been clicked, a new task will be created. Please note that the tasks will not be created upon "Save". Clicking the submit button twice will create the task twice.

To create multiple tasks, click on "+ Add Task" at the bottom of the submit button for each task.

To view, edit or delete the task, please go to the project level task module and edit the tasks individually.

To remove the task within the form, click on the trash can delete icon. This will not delete the tasks that have been created previously and only the form where the task has been created give you the ability to delete the task.

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