The "Select" component allows you to generate a specific list of items that your users can select from. Use this component to pull from a pre-existing list of objects, such as equipment, materials, vendors, or projects, or build your own custom list.

Add the Select component to a form

Add the component to the form by dragging and dropping the task component or simply clicking on the component box. Click on the pencil or double-click the component to edit.

Component Label: Changes and renames the select field. The changes will be reflected on the right-hand side.

Required: Make the field required for the user to fill before the form can be saved.

Show Component: Indicate where you want this component to show (Always, On screen only, or On PDF only).

Show Component on Titles: Indicate which titles can see the component and create tasks. For example, if you want only the Project Manager to create tasks, tick off the "Project Manager" title. You may select multiple titles.

Select From:

Allow users to select from a list of objects. For example, when "All Equipment" is selected, users will be able to select from a list of all equipment. Options include:

  • All Equipment

  • All Vendors

  • All Contacts

  • All Cost Codes

  • All Materials

  • All Clients

  • All Projects

  • All Users

  • Custom

If "Custom" is selected, create your own list of items that users can select from. Add new items by clicking on "+ Add Custom Select Option".

Item Text Template: This shows how the objects will be displayed in the select component. For example, when "All Equipment" list is selected, users will be able to see a list of all equipment in {name} format, such as "EX051 JOHN DEERE 50".

Group By: Use group by to filter your list down to a small subset of objects. For example, when "All Equipment" list is selected, the list can be filtered down by the "Equipment Toolboxes".

Data ID: Copy and paste this ID when creating dependencies and a label.

Field Dependency: To create conditional field dependencies, click on yes and set the field dependency target. For more information, check out the Field Dependency article.

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