The "Group" component allows you to create repeatable fields in a form so that your form looks neater and more organized.

Adding the Group component to the form

Add the component to the form by dragging and dropping the group component or simply clicking on the component box.

Click on the pencil or double-click the component to edit.

Set the parameters in the group block component.

Show Component: Indicate where you want this component to show (Always, On screen only, or On PDF only).

Show Component on Titles: Indicate which titles can see the component and create tasks. For example, if you want only the Project Manager to create tasks, tick off the "Project Manager" title. You may select multiple titles.

Avoid Page Break: Select yes if you want to avoid the grouped components being displayed on two separate pages.

Repeatable List: Select yes if you want the grouped components to be repeatable on the list.

Default Item Count: Indicate how many times to be displayed, by default.

Data ID: Copy and paste this ID when creating dependencies.

Field Dependency: To create conditional field dependencies, click on yes and set the field dependency target. For more information, check out the Field Dependency article.

Once you have set up your Group you can then place other components within it.

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