Make organizing and sorting forms easier with automatic labels. Make your workflow smoother with custom labels. To create a custom automatic label for a specific form follow the instructions below.

Select a field(s) you wish the Label to copy when data has been entered. Once you have these fields Copy their "Data ID".

Once you have the Data ID(s), follow the steps below to have the form create an automatic label:

Save any changes made on the form > Close the form > Click on Custom Form menu (right side of form) > Click on "Form Settings"

When you are in "Form Settings" > Enable Labeling > Enter the Data ID(s) in the label text field. Make sure to add the curly brackets "{ }" around the Data ID (example: {EMJkOx8w}).

Note: you can add multiple "Data IDs" within this area for labeling.

As the form is being completed, these fields will be reflected on the label. See below for an example.

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