2022 has been fast-paced for everyone! Thanks to your continuous feedback and suggestions we always try to give you the tools you need. Before entering the last stretch of the year here is a catch-up on all the things you might have missed from SiteMax.

We have improved our “landing” page. Changes to our dashboard have been focused on making admin work easier:

  • New people view including check-in or people assigned with the ability to add and remove users

  • Powerful filters including address, user, PM… and active filters identifier

  • Mass update of projects with a new list view

In addition, we gave more control over projects with:

  • Simpler Project assignment interface

  • New Company reports for projects and all Power modules

We did not forget mobile users:

  • Redesigned quick access for projects to navigate, contact key people and see notes of importance on mobile

For our Admins managing users and contacts we took significant steps into our redesign:

  • New contact interface (external users embedded) with more filters and mass actions

  • Separate individual and company interface for contacts with the ability to merge companies

  • Redesigned Project Contact interface with activities and company configuration

  • Introductions of Records for contacts to manage vendors certificates

  • Easier User Management with mass actions, templates and tooltips

  • Better Crew interface with the ability to assign crews to projects

  • Organized form list and mass select of permissions

Since last year we have focused on giving you the flexibility and control of building your own reports. Here are some of the improvements to our form builder:

  • Revisions with form history for your pdfs

  • Workflows with action buttons able to notify, lock and update the label

  • Field visibility defined by title, screen or pdf

  • Ability to create tasks from the form that can be assigned to the Safety list

  • Ability to define Assigned date and Assigned to from the form

  • Auto-labelling

  • Labelling configuration

  • Fields dependency

  • Adding photos to photo module

  • Pre-filling fields with project and user data

  • Configurable copy from existing

Reports created through QR have been extremely successful and we keep improving the experience for internal and external users.

Here are the improvements for all of our reports:

  • New mobile views to see all recent reports by projects and context

  • Better ordering to find the most used reports

  • Link of equipment reports with projects

  • Association to equipment through a form selection and update of equipment status

  • Better accuracy of Geofence functions

  • Powerful form settings with form documentation and alternative logo

  • More options for custom Excel, allowing multiple tabs and pre-formatting

  • Ability to change settings at the project level

  • Assignee notification configuration

Our company reports module has been improved to include more data and give more flexibility when exporting multiple reports.

Across all modules, you now have customizable tables that let you define and order only the data you want to see.

Amongst all improvements of our common modules here are a few noticeable.


  • New mobile calendar view with lookahead option on mobile

  • Projects calendar view

  • Completed notifications


  • Ability to move, rename and delete documents

  • Ability to upload multiples and entire folders

  • Ability to sort by each column


  • Move tools while updating a report

  • Backdate and update equipment logs

  • Full logs reporting capacity from the Equipment module

  • Colour coding of equipment based on its condition

The full launch of our new time centre meant adding more capabilities while keeping the ease of our interface:

  • Customizable view and configurable interface with mandatory and optional fields

  • Powerful grid view to follow and update daily entries for all

  • Easy interface to create one or multiple entries, check ins, equipment time or material logs with in-line editing and mass edits

  • Unlimited configurable reports with Excel, CSV and PDF

  • Time calculations, configurations, financial calculations and custom fields

  • Rounding and automatic breaks calculations

  • Re-introduction of duration only

  • Ability to create overnight shifts

  • Quick switch and split time on mobile

Our Power modules have evolved through your feedback - With more granularity for project contacts and tag management here are some significant improvements you asked for:


  • Ability to view and include drawings

  • RFI history with email view tracking

  • Better Resend function

  • Email response to closed RFI


  • Ability to navigate between drawing on mobile

  • Improved auto-scanning and OCR

  • Download and share interface with pins as comments for external sharing

  • More granular syncing interface on mobile with an offload option

  • Improvement in recognition of existing markup, links and pins with more mark-up colours

  • Addition of Change Orders

  • Bulk edit

Punch Lists

  • More types of punchlist with statuses and completion date

  • Better reporting interface with optional customizable cover page and index

  • Better Location and sub-location management

  • Ability to add recipients for automated notification on new revisions

  • Ability to include drawings

  • Custom ordering

  • Navigation with filters applied

Change Orders

  • CO history with email view tracking

  • Pinnable to drawings with thumbnail and ability to include drawings with CO

  • Better Resend function

Purchase orders:

  • Configurable screen and pdf

  • Approval channels and field requirements

  • Line item Taxes

  • Inclusion of material to define items

  • Improvement to billing and shipping addresses and configuration


  • Specs upload

  • Improved pdf

  • More flexible workflow with shortcuts to bypass any user

  • Improved markup interface and flexible workflow to re-upload your own files

  • History tracking who received emails

Integrations are a big topic for SiteMax which is planning for a full ecosystem. To streamline the use of all the apps you already use here is what we did this year:

  • Better Quickbooks Online integration with reference to Projects and start and end time

  • New Spectrum integration

  • Better way of creating compatible files for Quickbooks, Sage, Jonas and many more

New notification sound, email tracking, tag management, support access everywhere… keeping up with all the great workflow you have built for your organization with us. That is only the tip of the iceberg so we, too, have been busy!


Our final push for our user and contact redesign will see our new permissions and billing interface being rolled-out until next year.

Some of the improvements associated are being finalized already with:

  • user count management with access to billing (role removed)

  • permission tab and permissions history

  • adding seats and adding users with permissions (plan pricing only)

  • count of activities for users and contacts (external tab removed)

Contact us to get access in priority!

We will be adding an email function from SiteMax to share any pdf, a signature function to change orders and a few more surprises

Next Coming

  • Tasks and Task lists will be redesigned through multiple phases. To combine the ability to manage a Project schedule and a budget with the ability to schedule and track people and resources, we expect it to be the most significant change. With an overwhelming number of requests and recommendations, it is the most requested feature for this year.

  • Our External Portal will go to the next stage. Bringing together records for vendors' certifications, tasks for your subs, documents that need to be shared, drawings and all required pins to get the job done: RFI, change-orders, submittals, punch items and purchase orders for your vendors.

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