SiteMax product evolves thanks to the feedback of all our builders. The last three months have been focused on improving our infrastructure and responsiveness.

Here are some of the changes we still manage to introduce to make your job easier.

Mobile Calendar

- New calendar view of projects on mobile with a colourful monthly view to show your scheduled project on the go

- If you have only view on projects you are assigned to you will have a clear view of where to go on the calendar view


- Leverage better your toolbox and use it to filter and scan a list of tools

- Move an entire toolbox on mobile in a few clicks

- Equipment log table is now configurable with improved filters for increased reporting capabilities


- Ability to edit material value when adding material logs. Enable it through setting to let your users adjust to daily changing prices.

- Addition of a description field to provide more details


- At the company and project level see all reports with a new tab to see everything in the order you choose

- We launched company reports with advanced filtering options that let you export many projects on custom time ranges for

- Projects


- CO

- PO

- Submittals

- With a setting to notify the Assignee of reports we also improved our ability to assign forms. Use a field from your forms or edit it from the table.

- We pushed one step further or labelling capacity with customizable labels list that can be defined for each form.


- The Grid view was largely improved with a status filter and action buttons to facilitate the review process and starting new pay periods

- The reporting ordering got more powerful

- We re-introduce the Submit status optional under settings. Adjust to your workflow for multiple levels of approvals.

- Reports now can include a created, submitted and approved column with the user name for full control and transparency

- Our QBO integration no handles matching cost-code with service items


- We linked our permissions to the ability to manage threads and groups. Power back to admins

- We increased the length of messages. Simple but allows for longer messages at once

- You now can add photos and attachments. An image is worth a 1000 words


- You now can add videos in the photo module with all the sharing capabilities it involves and all main formats handled

- A new menu on mobile lets you add high-resolution pictures. It takes longer to load but can be useful for fine prints or photos needing high accuracy


- We added more relevant info on all pins so you can see all the important info quickly

- You now can download PDFs individually or merged. With the sharing link, giving access to drawings has never been easier.

- In the Actions menu you will find a new Export drawings logs. Get all project drawings in a CSV.

- A new mobile view was added giving the choice between list, tile and grid. The navigation experience is highly improved.


- You can now define a main title for each user. That makes it faster for users with multiple titles to set things up programmatically.

- We help you keep your Project contact list up to date. Contacts will be listed under your project contacts when added as recipients or in workflows (RFI, CO, PO, Submittals). This goes well with our activity count so you know what they are up to on each project.


- Assign multiple users at once by using the add crew to a task under the assignee

- Our Look ahead report now includes subtasks for more details on your bi-weekly and monthly views

Purchase Orders

- Our main objective was to let you set and display separate billing and shipping addresses. With settings that let you use the company, project or a custom address you can avoid errors and confused vendors.

Punch List

- When creating or updating punch items notify the assignee and /or the PM. With optional checkboxes that let you choose when to communicate

- To create and edit punch list fast we included the ability to import, export and re-import list of punch items


- More flexibility again with users being available as the submitter.

- Ability to upload images instead of pdf to leverage the workflow capabilities

- Improvement to workflow steps to allow skipping emails

- New notification email on the first send for the distribution list to keep everyone in the loop from the start

RFI and Change Orders

- The table got the full redesign to match all SiteMax tables that let you choose your columns and the order to display it

Under the hood

- We have taken on many optimizations. The day view and reports are first and documents and our API are next.

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