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Time Center - Manual Time Management
Time Center - Manual Time Management

How to adjust your company's time manually. Creating and editing a manual time entry.

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If you have "Manage โš™๏ธ" permissions, you can manually change the time entries of your own and your employees in the Time Center. You can add information such as cost codes to a person or equipment time on someone's behalf.


Time can be added through the time center or through the "Timecards" tab within a project. Use the blue "+ Add Time" button. Please be aware that you cannot add time to a user who already has time submitted.


Editing individual time entry - Quickly edit a user's time by finding the entry and clicking on the user's name in the time center. Once you have edited, click "Save". You will need to edit time entries individually to edit a user's hours.

Editing bulk time entries: Multiple time entries can be edited at once by selecting multiple time entries by checking off boxes and clicking on actions, then editing. A pop-out window will appear, giving you options for Cost code, Work Type, Time Type, and Notes. You cannot edit the users' hours with this method.


Once you have approved and proceeded with the time entries, you can use the "lock" feature to disable further edits. You or anyone with "Manage [cog]" permissions can unlock the time cards and make changes to the entries. You can see if this is enabled by looking at the status next to a time entry.


Time entries can be deleted by finding the entry, clicking on the user's name to open its details, and clicking on the "delete" button to remove it.

Manual check-in

You can check a user in on their behalf by using the "Keep Checked In" box under the end time. This will start their check-in time at a time you decide. It will appear on their device the same way as if they checked in using the standard method.

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