- Read more about Importing Users

- Read more about Permissions

- Users with the Permissions to Manage Users and Web Access can start by clicking into Team from the chrome browser.

- Click Add User and begin filling the Add User Modal.

- When editing the Add User modal, click on the button that reads Admin, Manager, Collaborator or Entity Only to update a user's Role.

- Admin are the administrators of SiteMax. They will be the users that control access, manage permissions, update passwords and settings.

- Managers will have the ability to add or Manage most features in SiteMax. They can add site reports, photos and equipment. They can manage team timecards if permissions have been granted.

- Collaborators are users that have mainly collaborative access to SiteMax. They can View update or Edit any feature in SiteMax if permissions have been granted.

- Entity Only users don't have access to SiteMax. They are mainly users that have a timecard for a Manager or Admin to update for them. They won't have a password or username.

NOTE - Role is NOT permissions, although each role in SiteMax has a set of permissions that automatically update in the user profile when selected.

- Learn more about Team - Applying Permissions

- Fill in the remaining fields in the Add User modal.

- Click Send invitation email to send a temporary password to this user. They will get the chance to create their own password and access SiteMax.

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