Easily track your company's time information within a single module. Keep records of where your employees are working and what equipment and materials they are using. Use the "reports" feature to build a custom report based on the exact information you need. Configure automatic lunch deduction and overtime rules that match your company's requirements.

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Users generally add time using the "Check-in" feature. The check-in feature allows users to associate their time with their daily activities using items such as cost codes.

You can create preset perimeters to automatically apply classifications to time. An example would be automatic overtime rules.

In order for users to have access to the "Check-in" feature, they will need the following permission:

Timecards = View (Eye)


Time can also be added to a user on their behalf through the Time Center.

You can also give them the ability to do their own manual entries by giving them the permission:
Timecards Manage (self) = Ticked

Edit/Delete/Lock time:

Time can always be edited, unless the time is locked, by a user with the correct Team Center permissions (Manage Cog). If you have the correct permissions you can still delete the time entry.

To edit time as an admin, just click on their name and modify the details in the pop-out window.

Equipment time

Track your company's equipment time independently or with a user's time entry. You will need to enable Equipment time tracking for the tool in the tool's settings. Please view the article HERE for more details.

Time Entry Status

At the right side of a time entry, you will see 5 icons that will indicate the current status. These are GEO fence, Manual, Approved, Processed, and Lock. Please see HERE for more details.

Custom reports/Exporting

Create a report template to show only the information that is relevant to you or other members of your team. Simply go Timecenter > Reports tab and add a template. From here, you can specify the exact purpose and description. Reports can be built using any of the user, tool, project, or time entries values:

  • Name - User, Equipment name

  • Project

  • Project Number

  • Date

  • Check-In

  • Check Out

  • Hours

  • ...

You can choose the format for values like duration, date, and name to be displayed. When you are ready, you can then export the report in either CSV or XLSX format using the date range selection and filters.

Categorize your Time and users

Classifications: Add classifications and apply them to users in the Team tab (ex. Groundworker, Machine Operator, etc.)

Work Types: Create your Work types from your Time Settings (ex. Digging, painting)

Cost codes: Associate entries to the most granular tracking

Time Settings:

Dashbaord > Settings > Modules > Time

Most of your configuration will be done in the time settings. You can choose information like what fields are required and optional, geofence radius, classifications, overtime rules, and much more! Please visit our article on Time Center Settings for more information.

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